1 Lorne Bilinski 10 10 14 15 29 1.40 1.50 2.90 5.10 51 27.45
2 Seamus O'Connor 10 10 18 9 27 1.80 0.90 2.70 5.50 55 32.73
3 Stefan Klopp 10 10 14 9 23 1.40 0.90 2.30 3.70 37 37.84
4 Lee Orr 10 10 11 11 22 1.10 1.10 2.20 5.50 55 20.00
5 Oliver Koth-Kappus 10 10 5 13 18 0.50 1.30 1.80 1.80 18 27.78
6 Joern Hornhardt 10 7 5 11 16 0.71 1.57 2.29 3.14 22 22.73
7 Justin Gordon 10 3 8 5 13 2.67 1.67 4.33 5.67 17 47.06
8 Bernie Koth-Kappus 10 10 4 4 8 0.40 0.40 0.80 1.00 10 40.00
9 Laird Bilinski 10 0 0 5 5 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00

1 Laird Bilinski 10 136 103 33 10.30 0.757 0 0 5 0
2 Justin Gordon 7 94 64 30 9.14 0.681 0 0 0 0
3 Joern Hornhardt 3 41 26 15 8.67 0.634 0 0 0 0

It was the annual Burton May Days SuperSession, naturally played in Fauquier. Leeroy breaks it down as so.

Super Session Saturday. An epic marathon of roller hockey for the lines of history. And now the stats it yielded, thick enough to drop a donkey.

It was a perfect day for roller hockey. The beer was cold, the temperature was perfect, and it was all Old School. The first three games some rust was brushed off, some nets were moved around, and the statistics were discarded due to abnormally high and unacceptably numerous anomalies. Then we got down to business.

The first series: Old School Vs. New School (Lorne, Joern, Stefan, Lee, Bernie vs. Seamus, Ollie, Justin, Laird): This best of five series was absolute New School domination. Justin and Seamus led the way scoring 8 goals each. Between them, they had more goals than the entire Old School team had points! Series swept 3-0.

The 2nd Series: Canucks Fans vs. Lamers, I mean, Flamers. Canucks Fans (Lorne, Lee, Ollie, and Laird) vs. Flamers (Justin, Bernie, Seamus, Joern, and Stefan): Another series of domination, this time by Lee, Lorne and Ollie. Although Justin played well, brilliantly at times, the onslaught of shots from Lee and Lorne was too much. Together they outshot Team Flamers more than 2:1. Sweep 2-0.

The 3rd Series: Urban (Stefan, Joern, Lorne, Justin) vs. Rural (Lee, Seamus, Bernie, Ollie, Laird): It looked as if this series, too, Rural fans would be breaking out the brooms. Team Urban fell behind the best of 5 2-0 and was down game 3 3-0. But when all hope was lost Joern found his game and Justin lost his. Storming back like some kind of atomic hurricane team Urban scored 5 straight goals to win game 3 5-3 and then crushed team Rural to win next two. Total devastation, total collapse, but great hockey.

All told, over 6 hours of straight hockey. 13 games in total, 10 recorded. A super session to be sure. Thanks for the great games guys, good to see you again!

Useless Stats: Seamus and Justin reclaim Burton dominance in the absence of Dallas and Kyle. Seamus blasts 25 points while Justin falls right behind with 23. Oliver returns to strong defensive form with eleven assists and Graeme also pick up double-digits in that category. Lee, however, licked a giant donkey cock all session (hence his eagerness to have the session discounted when the stats didn't come in right away). The big news is Seamus taking over the season scoring lead from Dallas, 119-111. Justin passes K.J. for third while Oliver and Lee are tied for fifth in 2005 points. Laird passes Anthony for eighth and Lorne debuts eleventh. Seamus also takes the lead in goals over Dallas 69-62. Justin closes to within three goals of K.J. for third; Lee passes Anthony for sixth. Oliver has a sizeable lead in assists while Seamus passes Dallas for second and hits 50 assists for the year with Lee and Justin right behind. Lorne debuts tenth. Seamus ties his brother for second in goals while Lee breaks 200 shots. Justin is two shots behind Kyle for fifth. Justin moves up to third in shooting percentage with Seamus right behind. Lorne debuts third. Laird debuts fifth in 2005 save percentage and total saves. Chris� absence means that Oliver is the only player to have played all 55 games this year. Justin and Seamus are tied for second and Laird moves to fifth. Justin ties Brodie for second in games goaltended while Laird debuts fourth. Lorne debuts second in PPG while Seamus moves to fourth. Lorne and Stefan are tied for fourth in GPG. Lorne also debuts second in APG. Lorne�s 29 points is the second-highest session total this year while Seamus�s 27 rank fourth. Seamus�s 18 goals are second-highest this year while Lorne and Stefan�s 14 are tied for fifth. Lorne�s 15 assists are tied for second-highest this year. Lee�s 55 shots are tied for fourth-highest. Laird�s 103 saves are fourth-highest. Seamus moves to second in three-star points. On the all-time front, Lorne becomes the second player in Burton history to reach 800 points while Seamus becomes the sixth player to reach 500. Justin needs eight for 600. Stefan passes Joern for eight all-time in points. Lee sits exactly on 300 goals. Bernie ties K.J. for seventh in goals. Stefan passes Laird for tenth in goals and needs seven for 200; he is six behind Robert. Lorne passes 300 assists and Joern passes 200. Oliver needs five shots for 1700, Justin needs four for 1300 and Stefan passes 1000. Bernie, Lorne, Stefan and Joern joins the list of those who have played in all six Burton seasons. Seamus moves into fourth in ten-goal sessions with 13 and has back-to-back 15-goal sessions. Joern and Ollie both have back-to-back ten-assist sessions. Lee is the second player to have ten ten-assist sessions (Oliver has 24!). Stefan ties Rob for sixth in all-time 15-pointers. Seamus has three straight 15-pointers as does Stefan; Seamus also has three straight 20-pointers and has tied Oliver for second all-time with eleven total. Lee is tied for third with Robert at ten. Lorne passes Rob for the all-time lead in 25-pointers with nine; Seamus is tied for third at four. Seamus becomes just the fourth person to put back-to-back 25-pointers together. Oliver�s consecutive session streak goes to 17 while Chris�s ends at ten. On the SDF, Justin moves to fourth ahead of Lee while Lorne and Stefan rejoin in the top ten. Nathan begins session number two on top of the GDF while Laird rejoins in sixth.

Burton Cup: Seamus leads Republic of Ireland into first ahead of the Falcons while the Originals finally show up in Burton in 2005 debuting in seventh thanks to Lorne, who opens up the Fauquier classification in first. Seamus jumps to second in the individual classification while Lorne debuts seventh. You can check out all the mind-numbing statistics by clicking the Records and Honours link on the top of the home page.

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May 21, 2005

Burton United Socialist Hockey (BUSH)

Fauquier Skating Rink



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