1 Kyle Grenier 11 11 12 9 21 1.09 0.82 1.91 4.82 53 22.64
2 Lee Orr 12 12 5 12 17 0.42 1.00 1.42 3.00 36 13.89
3 Seamus O'Connor 11 11 5 11 16 0.45 1.00 1.45 3.27 36 13.89
4 Lorne Bilinski 12 12 6 7 13 0.50 0.58 1.08 3.42 41 14.63
5 Stefan Klopp 12 12 7 6 13 0.58 0.50 1.08 3.08 37 18.92
6 Justin Gordon 11 11 7 4 11 0.64 0.36 1.00 2.45 27 25.93
7 Graeme Orr 12 12 6 4 10 0.50 0.33 0.83 3.08 37 16.22
8 Tony Hajdu 8 8 3 7 10 0.38 0.88 1.25 2.38 19 15.79
9 Nathan Robson 11 11 2 7 9 0.18 0.64 0.82 1.00 11 18.18
10 K.J. O'Connor 9 9 6 3 9 0.67 0.33 1.00 3.44 31 19.35
11 Tony Sivilay 8 8 4 4 8 0.50 0.50 1.00 2.88 23 17.39
12 Andy Kieran 11 11 2 5 7 0.18 0.45 0.64 2.00 22 9.09
13 Joe Chwachka 7 7 4 3 7 0.57 0.43 1.00 1.86 13 30.77
14 Sam Lam 11 11 4 3 7 0.36 0.27 0.64 2.27 25 16.00
15 Oliver Koth-Kappus 11 11 2 5 7 0.18 0.45 0.64 1.73 19 10.53
16 Colby Olsen 9 9 2 4 6 0.22 0.44 0.67 1.33 12 16.67
17 Joern Hornhardt 8 8 1 3 4 0.12 0.38 0.50 2.50 20 5.00
18 Bernie Koth-Kappus 11 11 2 2 4 0.18 0.18 0.36 1.00 11 18.18
19 Shem Hanna 11 8 2 1 3 0.25 0.12 0.38 1.00 8 25.00
20 Rob Hajdu 8 8 0 3 3 0.00 0.38 0.38 1.50 12 0.00
21 Jordan Downey 9 9 0 2 2 0.00 0.22 0.22 0.67 6 0.00
22 Laird Bilinski 9 0 0 2 2 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00
23 Andrew Watson 8 8 0 1 1 0.00 0.12 0.12 1.12 9 0.00
24 Dominik Voser 8 3 1 0 1 0.33 0.00 0.33 1.00 3 33.33
25 Bron Mach 7 0 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00

1 Laird Bilinski 9 190 165 25 18.33 0.868 1 0 2 0
2 Shem Hanna 3 31 26 5 8.67 0.839 1 0 0 0
3 Bron Mach 7 178 148 30 21.14 0.831 0 0 0 0
4 Dominik Voser 5 112 92 20 18.40 0.821 0 0 0 0

In August 2005, seven Arrow Lakes ex-pats, all veterans of Burton United Socialist Hockey, inaugurated a new league of Burton Hockey. Initially, the new league struggled to avoid short, half-court sessions, but much like the little engine that could, it grew slowly and steadily, adding dozens of Lower Mainland natives to an increasingly formidable roster. Back home, the original Burton league was growing as well, adding new generations of skaters and goalies to its sizeable roster. Together, the two leagues grew until each had established its own distinctive brand of roller hockey, becoming new cultural institutions that tied both friendships and communities together. As 2009 progressed, it became obvious that, at their peak, the players from both leagues would have to come together and challenge each other for the mantle of ultimate Burton Hockey supremacy. After months of haggling, the talk and hype ended this weekend. In honour of ten years of Burton Hockey (the first-ever session was 27 April 2000), twelve past, present and future stars of Vancouver Roller Hockey came to the Arrow Lakes to challenge the stars of Burton United Socialist Hockey in a two-day hockey marathon known as the DecaSession.

Twenty-five players. One humble rink in a small, lakeside hamlet in the mountains of British Columbia. The prize? Bragging rights, naturally, and a lovely piece of hardware called the Roxanne Fuller Cup. The Fuller Cup, named after its fashioner, is a pretty decent replica of Lord Stanley’s mug, forged together of metal, wood and foil. It can be engraved with the names of the champions and can have rings added to it just like the Stanley Cup. It would be a best-of-eleven contest to take home the tankard. No worrying about individual statistics today; players were here representing their leagues with pride. Both teams came dressed to the nines in brand new sweaters from Big Stick Hockey. The rink was given a fresh coat of paint and new signage courtesy of Diane Kalis and Laird Bilinski. The field beside the rink was full of cars and trucks watching the proceedings; there was nary a parking spot to be had. The concession stand came back to life with barbecue for all. The excitement hung in the air like a billowing cloud enveloping the proceedings. The constant threat of rain for the entire weekend deterred absolutely no one. At 11:30 am Friday, Stefan Klopp and Lee Orr took the ceremonial faceoff to kick off the greatest weekend in the history of Burton Hockey. While some stars were sorely missed today (Pat Elischer, Ben de Wit, Troy Waldron, Jordan Barlow, Ryan Disterheft and Terryn Stenseth, among others), the lineups this day were incredibly solid.

Burton United Socialist Hockey:
1. Laird Bilinski (goal),
2. Joe Chwachka (wearing Kyle Kusch’s sweater)
2. Andy Kieran
3. Colby Olsen
4. Lee Orr (C)
6. Graeme Orr
7. Nathan Robson
9. Seamus O’Connor (A),
11. Justin Gordon (A)
13. Shem Hanna
24. Andrew Watson
71. K.J. O’Connor
88. Kyle Grenier (wearing an ‘OchoOcho’ nameplate on his back)

The big story for BUSH was the return, after seven seasons away, of Joe Chwachka, the most legendarily intense defender in Burton history, who outfitted himself with brand-new equipment just for the DecaSession. Colby Olsen would come down from Revelstoke to make his 2010 debut, and Shem Hanna returned from Kelowna. BUSH would be the only squad to field a 2010 rookie (Andy Kieran) today. BUSH also fielded the oldest player in the game, 34-year-old Shem Hanna.

Vancouver Roller Hockey:
00. Bron Mach (goal)
08. Jordan Downey
2. Tony Sivilay
3. Tony Hajdu
6. Rob Hajdu
8. Oliver Koth-Kappus
10. Stefan Klopp (C)
14. Lorne Bilinski (A)
17. Joern Hornhardt
21. Bernie Koth-Kappus
39. Dominik Voser (goal)
96. Sam Lam

VRH had their own big returnee with the reintroduction of VRH co-founder Tony Sivilay after three seasons. There was an equal split between Arrow Lakes ex-pats and Lower Mainland natives (five North Shore natives and one from Aldergrove, Langley Township). Unlike BUSH, VRH rotated between two goaltenders. VRH had the youngest player in the game with Sam Lam, who is not quite finished Grade 12.

Game 1 demonstrated just how differently this session would be played compared to any Burton session in history. It looked, well, like a league hockey game. With multiple lines on either side, there was a constant influx of fresh bodies and on-the-fly changes. This meant that the energy of game was far higher, and the pace was utterly relentless. In fact, the first half of the session was an edgy, chippy affair that saw tempers lost, epithets yelled, and complaints about contact and stickwork from either side. But was it ever good hockey! Superlative, in fact. It was the visitors from VRH who came out fast and hard, quickly going up 11-5 in the shot count. BUSH, however, would record the historic first goal of the DecaSession, as Shem cashed in a tic-tac-toe from Andy and Justin to give BUSH the first lead. The first VRH goal would be scored by Sam on a pass from Tony Hajdu. The goaltending was fantastic all weekend, and never more so than Game 1, which proceeded to drag on for 95 minutes. Laird stopped 41 of 43 shots (.957) and Dom stopped 45 of 50 (.900). BUSH won 5-2, but the play was even. The BUSH bench, in fact, was taken quite aback by how well VRH matched them.

Despite the loss, VRH knew that they could give BUSH a strong run in this tournament, and came out firing on all cylinders for Game 2, potting three of their first four shots past Laird. VRH had a 4-1 lead before BUSH ground their way back thanks to the high intensity of OchoOcho and the cannon of Joe Chwachka, nudging out the 5-4 win to go up 2-0.

As was prearranged, VRH switched out Dom for Bron. Having come so close to a win, VRH were out for blood. BUSH were too, as they wanted to put this series away. The result was another titanic 50-minute battle that went back and forth as both Laird and Bron stood on their heads, the Czech goaltender in particular leaving the crowd in awe. One of the funnier sights of the entire weekend was the state of the benches on the VRH side of the court; these McCormack Park benches were so rickety that they were basically wooden La-Z-Boys. The relative lack of comfort did nothing to dampen their play, as VRH rode their two Tonys to a 5-4 Game 3 victory that stunned the BUSH bench into silence.

If Game 3 finally stunned BUSH, Game 4 left them catatonic. Looking lost, they had nothing for a VRH squadron that demanded respect after years of feeling slighted by their comrades in the senior circuit. Despite being outshot 28-21 by BUSH, Bron stood on his head again, letting in just one goal and going .964 as VRH erupted for a 5-1 whitewashing of Burton. In fact, on aggregate, they were winning! Stefan had the only penalty shot of day in Game 4, but was thwarted by Laird. The two Tonys, at seven points each, were leading the day in scoring at this point.

Dom went back in for the fifth game, as each VRH goalie would alternate from here on in. From the highest of highs, VRH were suddenly stunned into the lowest of lows. The wheels fell off from here on in. The physical play was beginning to throw VRH off, and BUSH began mixing up their lines to match the VRH formations. Game 5 was the shortest of the day, ending in twelve minutes as Laird picked up an eight-save DecaSession shutout (shots were 17-8 for BUSH).

From that point onward, it was just a matter of playing out the games. Joe left in Game 6, but that did nothing to stem the BUSH tide. VRH looked tired, and despite the outstanding efforts of their fantastic pairing of netminders, they had already left everything they had on the court. BUSH would outshoot VRH 56-35 in the last three games, including 20-6 in Game 8. There was a scary moment in Game 8 when Sam appeared to pull his groin on a bad fall, but like a warrior, he shook it off and returned for his next scheduled shift. When Seamus O’Connor put home the winning goal in Game 8 past Bron Mach, the benches cleared and a massive celebration erupted at centre court. The Fuller Cup was presented to BUSH captain Lee Orr, and hugs and handshakes went all-around.

It looked quite scary for them in the middle of the session, as VRH gave their all, but BUSH prevailed this time around, six games to two. VRH have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, as they proved in the first half that they could match BUSH blow-for-blow. They have truly won the respect of their comrades across the Monashees, and the next match-up for the Fuller Cup (which will be in Metro Vancouver) should be an epic. The goaltending in this series was flabbergasting at times. A wonderful day for hockey and for friends.

Of course, there was still plenty of daylight left, so it was time for some fun matches. Each split their crew in half. The Hajdu brothers had left, along with Laird, Tony Siv, Watson and Joern; Colby left during Game 9, and Laird after Game 10. This resulted in Lorne, Stefan and the Orrs being plugged into the end of Game 9 (this explains that extra game you see for them on the scoresheet). Shem thus took up the goaltending mantle against Bron. A notable story here was the debut of Dom on skates after 155 career games spent in goal. Shem never faced many shots but was stellar in his last hurrah in goal, picking up a shutout in Game 12 and only letting five shots in three games. The scariest moment in sometime happened in Game 9, when Seamus accidentally caught teammate/brother K.J. with a stick in the right eye, narrowly missing disaster. K.J. went down like a rock. Fortunately, paramedic-supreme Jordan Downey leapt from his bench to attend to K.J., and after a few minutes on the ground, he was patched up. It would be the end of the weekend for K.J., unfortunately.

With seven-and-a-half fours of hockey, Day One of the DecaSession shall live on forever in the mind of everyone who was there; a fantastic accomplishment all around. And while BUSH may possess the Fuller Cup for now, VRH will surely be up for the task of taking it back to Vancouver soon enough. Best of all, it was only Day One, as Saturday promised even more excitement.

Of course, we had to have a shootout at some point this weekend, and so after the session, the remaining skaters battled Shem and Bron in a single elimination contest to determine a winning shooter. Kyle Grenier winning is not a surprise. Dom Voser finishing second, though, was pure awesomeness!
Kyle Grenier √√x√
Dominik Voser √√xx
Andy Kieran √x
Nathan Robson √x
Oliver Koth-Kappus √x
Jordan Downey x
Sam Lam x
Lee Orr x
Lorne Bilinski x
Bernie Koth-Kappus x
Stefan Klopp x

Do you have photos or video of this weekend’s events? Did you find some excellent DecaSession footage on Facebook or Flickr? Is your camera full of hockey hi-jinks and after-party lunacy? We’d love to put them up on There were thousands of photos taken this weekend, and we’d love to get them all in one place. Send absolutely everything you can find to kylekusch [at] and we’ll try and get them up this week. You can view the collection here.

Obviously, the sheer numbers of people meant that per-game stats would be poor by conventional standards this day, not that anyone remotely cared about stats on a day when team pride came first. Still, Kyle Grenier amazingly pulled another 20-pointer out of the day, finishing at 12G-9A-21P and leading the shot count by a fair margin with 53. Lee Orr was second (5G-12A) and Seamus O’Connor came third (5G-11A). The top scorers for VRH were Lorne and Stefan with 13P each, although if Tony Hajdu had been around for the games at the end, he may had done so with his 10P in eight games. The story, of course, was in goal, where all four goalies today were over .820. Laird made 165 saves in nine game en route to a huge .868. That’s a 1032 PPS! Also taking on much volume was Bron, with .831 on 148 saves in seven games. Dom finished with .821 on 92 saves, and Shem’s short time in net at the end of the day was productive with a final posting of .839. There were 510 shots taken on goal today.

Here are the game scores:
BUSH def. VRH 5-2 5-4 4-5 1-5 5-0 5-1 5-2 5-1
BUSH wins Fuller Cup 6 games to 2
VRH 1 (Bron Stefan Bernie Oliver Jordan Lorne) def. BUSH 1 (Justin Seamus Graeme Colby Shem Lee) 5-3
BUSH 2 (Lee Kyle Andy Graeme Laird) def. VRH 2 (Jordan Stefan Sam Lorne Bron Tony S. Dom) 5-2
BUSH (Andy Nathan Kyle Lee Shem Justin Seamus Graeme) def. VRH (Bernie Lorne Sam Stefan Dom Bron Jordan) 5-2 5-0

Here are the faceoff stats:
Andy Kieran 2/2 (100.00%)
Oliver Koth-Kappus 1/1 (100.00%)
K.J. O’Connor 5/7 (71.43%)
Graeme Orr 6/9 (66.67%)
Seamus O’Connor 4/6 (66.67%)
Colby Olsen 2/3 (66.67%)
Sam Lam 11/18 (61.11%)
Lee Orr 6/12 (50.00%)
Justin Gordon 4/8 (50.00%)
Kyle Grenier 3/6 (50.00%)
Shem Hanna 1/2 (50.00%)
Stefan Klopp 5/12 (41.67%)
Lorne Bilinski 2/5 (40.00%)
Tony Sivilay 5/15 (33.33%)
Joern Hornhardt 1/6 (16.67%)
Rob Hajdu 0/1 (0.00%)
Bernie Koth-Kappus 0/1 (0.00%)
Andrew Watson 0/3 (0.00%)
BUSH 56.90%; VRH 43.10%

There’s just so much hockey this weekend that we’re saving the season/all-time stats analysis for tomorrow’s write-up. You’ll also notice that this is the first session not to be classified as ‘BUSH’ or ‘VRH’ but ‘Interleague’, another historic first.

SDF/GDF: With a record-tying 41 skaters on the ranking, the absent Pat remains on top, but Kyle scores a record 167 ranking points today and takes more than six points out of his lead. Big gainers include Stefan (eighth to fifth), Justin (19th to seventh), Tony Hajdu (16th to ninth) and Lorne (33rd to 17th). Players dropping include K.J. (fifth to tenth), Andy (sixth to 13th) and Sam (tenth to 14th). On the GDF, Laird’s superlative performance rockets him to the top of the charts for the 21st time in his career. This knocks Taylor and Seamus down to second and third. Bron jumps from tenth to fifth with his great session; Justin’s concentration on skating drops him down to ninth from fifth.

To add, tag a photo in Flickr with this tag: burtonhockey:session=278

Decasession 033a Decasession 275 Decasession 247 Decasession 245 Decasession 232 Decasession 156 Decasession 151 Decasession 097 Decasession 278 Decasession 277 Decasession 276 Decasession 272 Decasession 271 Decasession 270 Decasession 269 Decasession 265 Decasession 252 Decasession 251 Decasession 250 Decasession 249 Decasession 246 Decasession 244 Decasession 241 Decasession 240 Decasession 238 Decasession 237 Decasession 235 Decasession 234 Decasession 233 Decasession 231 Decasession 226 Decasession 225 Decasession 224 Decasession 223 Decasession 222 Decasession 221 Decasession 218 Decasession 217 Decasession 216 Decasession 215 Decasession 214 Decasession 213 Decasession 210 Decasession 207 Decasession 206 Decasession 205 Decasession 204 Decasession 203 Decasession 202 Decasession 201 Decasession 200 Decasession 197 Decasession 196 Decasession 195 Decasession 194 Decasession 192 Decasession 191 Decasession 190 Decasession 189 Decasession 188 Decasession 187 Decasession 186 Decasession 185 Decasession 184 Decasession 183 Decasession 182 Decasession 180 Decasession 178 Decasession 177 Decasession 176 Decasession 175 Decasession 171 Decasession 170 Decasession 169 Decasession 168 Decasession 167 Decasession 166 Decasession 164 Decasession 163 Decasession 162 Decasession 161 Decasession 160 Decasession 158 Decasession 157 Decasession 155 Decasession 154 Decasession 153 Decasession 152 Decasession 150 Decasession 147 Decasession 145 Decasession 144 Decasession 143 Decasession 142 Decasession 141 Decasession 139 Decasession 138 Decasession 136 Decasession 135 Decasession 134 Decasession 132 Decasession 130 Decasession 127 Decasession 126 Decasession 125 Decasession 123 Decasession 122 Decasession 121 Decasession 120 Decasession 118 Decasession 117 Decasession 111 Decasession 108 Decasession 107 Decasession 106 Decasession 105 Decasession 104 Decasession 102 Decasession 100 Decasession 098 Decasession 096 Decasession 095 Decasession 094 Decasession 092 Decasession 089 Decasession 088 Decasession 085 Decasession 083 Decasession 082 Decasession 081 Decasession 069 Decasession 077 Decasession 076 Decasession 075 Decasession 074 Decasession 073 Decasession 072 Decasession 071 Decasession 070 Decasession 067 Decasession 066 Decasession 065 Decasession 063 Decasession 059 Decasession 055 Decasession 052 Decasession 051 Decasession 049 Decasession 045 Decasession 044 Decasession 043 Decasession 041 Decasession 039 Decasession 038 Decasession 037 Decasession 036 Decasession 035 Decasession 034 Decasession 032 Decasession 031 Decasession 030 Decasession 029 Decasession 028 Decasession 027 Decasession 024 Decasession 022 Decasession 021 Decasession 019 Decasession 018 Decasession 016 Decasession 015 Decasession 013 Decasession 012 Decasession 011 Decasession 010 Decasession 009 Decasession 008 DSC_0211 DSC_0209 DSC_0208 DSC_0207 DSC_0206 DSC_0204 DSC_0203 DSC_0199 DSC_0198 DSC_0197 DSC_0193 DSC_0195 DSC_0194 DSC_0191 DSC_0190 DSC_0188 DSC_0187 DSC_0184 DSC_0183 DSC_0182 DSC_0181 DSC_0179 DSC_0178 DSC_0175 DSC_0174 101_1505-800 101_1499-800 101_1497-800 101_1493-800 101_1492-800 101_1490-800 101_1489-800 101_1488-800 101_1487-800 101_1486-800 IMG_5649 IMG_5656 IMG_5657 IMG_5653 IMG_5651 IMG_5644 IMG_5642 IMG_5638 IMG_5637 IMG_5633 IMG_5632 IMG_5630 IMG_5628 IMG_5698 IMG_5697 IMG_5691 IMG_5682 IMG_5681 IMG_5676 IMG_5672 IMG_5670 IMG_5624 IMG_5623 IMGP2401 IMGP2397 IMGP2395 IMGP2394 IMGP2391 IMGP2387 _MG_6047 _MG_6046 _MG_6039 _MG_6037 _MG_6036 _MG_6033 _MG_6031 _MG_6030 _MG_6028 _MG_6027 _MG_6026 _MG_6018 _MG_6017 _MG_6016 _MG_6015 _MG_6014 _MG_6013 _MG_6012 _MG_6011 _MG_6004 _MG_6002 _MG_5999 _MG_5995 _MG_5992 _MG_5988 _MG_5987 _MG_5983 _MG_5982 _MG_5981 _MG_5980 _MG_5979 _MG_5978 _MG_5977 _MG_5974 _MG_5973 _MG_5971 _MG_5970 _MG_5969 _MG_5967 _MG_5966 _MG_5963 _MG_5962 _MG_5961 _MG_5960 _MG_5955 _MG_5954 _MG_5953 _MG_5952 _MG_5951 _MG_5950 _MG_5946 DecaSession 213 DecaSession 207 DecaSession 204 DecaSession 203 DecaSession 200 DecaSession 197 DecaSession 195 DecaSession 194 DecaSession 193 DecaSession 190 DecaSession 188 DecaSession 186 DecaSession 185 DecaSession 182 DecaSession 181 DecaSession 178 DecaSession 176 DecaSession 175 DecaSession 174 DecaSession 172 DecaSession 171 DecaSession 167 DecaSession 166 DecaSession 165 DecaSession 163 DecaSession 162 DecaSession 161 DecaSession 160 DecaSession 158 DecaSession 157 DecaSession 155 DecaSession 154 DecaSession 150 DecaSession 149 DecaSession 148 DecaSession 146 DecaSession 145 DecaSession 144 DecaSession 143 DecaSession 142 DecaSession 141 DecaSession 139 DecaSession 138 DecaSession 137 DecaSession 136 DecaSession 135 DecaSession 134 DecaSession 132 DecaSession 131 DecaSession 129 DecaSession 126 DecaSession 125 DecaSession 123 DecaSession 122 DecaSession 121 DecaSession 120 DecaSession 119 DecaSession 118 DecaSession 117 DecaSession 116 DecaSession 115 DecaSession 114 DecaSession 113 DecaSession 111 DecaSession 110 DecaSession 109 DecaSession 108 DecaSession 107 DecaSession 106 DecaSession 105 DecaSession 104 DecaSession 101 DecaSession 100 DecaSession 099 DecaSession 096 DecaSession 095 DecaSession 093 DecaSession 092 DecaSession 091 DecaSession 090 DecaSession 085 DecaSession 084 DecaSession 082 DecaSession 081 DecaSession 080 DecaSession 078 DecaSession 077 DecaSession 076 DecaSession 075 DecaSession 074 DecaSession 073 DecaSession 072 DecaSession 071 DecaSession 070 DecaSession 069 DecaSession 068 DecaSession 067 DecaSession 066 DecaSession 061 DecaSession 058 DecaSession 057 DecaSession 055 DecaSession 054 DecaSession 048 DecaSession 044 DecaSession 043 DecaSession 041 DecaSession 040 DecaSession 039 DecaSession 038 DecaSession 037 DecaSession 036 DecaSession 034 DecaSession 032 DecaSession 029 DecaSession 028 DecaSession 027 DecaSession 025 DecaSession 024 DecaSession 022 DecaSession 020 DecaSession 019 DecaSession 017 DecaSession 015 DecaSession 011 DecaSession 010 DecaSession 008 DecaSession 005 DecaSession 004 DecaSession 001

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o.k wrote on April 05, 2010 @ 17:20:57 PST
Great writeup Kyle and congrats to BUSH on the victory. Despite losing on Friday, that was some of the most exciting hockey I've ever had the pleasure of taking part in. The Saturday tournament was a blast; it was fun to wear the red and black for a while and feel the power of the dark side. ha ha. Also, a big thanks to Stef and family for driving us all down and hosting everyone at the Klopp household. See you all in Vancouver!
Dom wrote on April 05, 2010 @ 10:02:48 PST
Haha, I think my last shot where I fell down was more in line with my skill. Thanks for these write-ups, Kyle! They were a pleasure to read and it was an honour to be a part of the decasession. The amount of pics so far is crazy! There are some really good ones.
KK wrote on April 05, 2010 @ 00:35:47 PST
I don't have it on film, Dom, but someone might; hopefully it will pop up as the pics roll in. And, hey, look at it this way- you beat nine guys straight up in a shootout!
Dom wrote on April 05, 2010 @ 00:05:41 PST
That was an awesome weekend of hockey and it was great to finally meet all you BUSH guys. I look forward to our next Fuller Cup meeting!

P.S. Kyle, where's the goal I scored? That was my only accomplishment this weekend! I lost at everything else...hehe.
KK wrote on April 05, 2010 @ 00:02:03 PST
Looking foward to viewing the incriminating evidence, Jordo! I am amazed that I actually have photos of Bernie looking directly at the camera and NOT giving it the finger.
Zero-Eight wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 23:55:54 PST
Hey Kyle, I have a "day-after" photo of B.K. in the van that is a definite must-see haha

Ill send em over as soon as a get a chance
KK wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 21:59:13 PST
Bones, I want those pics ASAP!!!

JBo, Pat, Ben and Troy were all sorely missed. Hopefully next Fuller Cup we will have all of you!
J-Bo wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 21:50:16 PST
I have to admit, it was pretty painful to read those posts and not have been a part of it. Sounded like an epic weekend both of and off the asphalt.
Lee wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 21:37:37 PST
also the trophy hasn't left my side, I'm already quite attached to it :) I'm sure you'll find the same with the rest of BUSH players when you try to take it from us this fall.
Lee wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 21:36:02 PST
awesome weekend. i had a blast. can't wait to do it again. thanks for making the trip guys, and i was thinking of you masterbladers today as I peeled my aching body off the couch. hope that went well
Stefan wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 21:25:07 PST
Really great weekend with a great bunch of friends. Thanks BUSH for having us, and thanks Kusch for doing what you do!

Oh and don't get too attached to that trophy! ;)
Bones_ZEROEIGHT wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 20:20:09 PST
Top notch fun! Thanks for having us! I have some photos of the trip up and down which might be kinda neat
BK wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 19:47:36 PST
Great weekend. Thanks to everyone that came out and of course to our humble statistician etching permanently into history.
KK wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 16:10:42 PST
There is no greater honour than having you all as friends. This weekend was beyond any expectations I had. An amazing time with all of you. Plus, it was just damn good hockey.

Day 2 stats should be up around 5:30-6:00ish. Pictures start flowing in tomorrow!
Seamus wrote on April 04, 2010 @ 15:36:41 PST
And a job well done to you Mr.Kusch, you continue to astound. That was the most fun I have had playing hockey in my life.

Session Info

April 02, 2010

Interleague (Inter)

John McCormack Memorial Park



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