1 Ryan Disterheft 5 5 10 5 15 2.00 1.00 3.00 4.80 24 41.67
2 Andrew Smart 5 5 6 9 15 1.20 1.80 3.00 6.20 31 19.35
3 Patrick Latham 4 4 5 7 12 1.25 1.75 3.00 3.00 12 41.67
4 Oliver Koth-Kappus 5 5 7 4 11 1.40 0.80 2.20 4.40 22 31.82
5 Stefan Klopp 5 5 5 4 9 1.00 0.80 1.80 5.00 25 20.00
6 Rob Hajdu 4 4 2 3 5 0.50 0.75 1.25 4.50 18 11.11
7 Melvin Ong 5 5 2 3 5 0.40 0.60 1.00 2.80 14 14.29
8 Bernie Koth-Kappus 5 5 0 2 2 0.00 0.40 0.40 1.80 9 0.00
9 Dominik Voser 5 0 0 1 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00
10 Sam Lam 5 0 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00

1 Dominik Voser 5 84 72 12 14.40 0.857 0 0 1 0
2 Sam Lam 5 71 46 25 9.20 0.648 0 0 0 0

-Sam the Saviour Scale: 10/10 (with the near impossibility of finding a second goalie these days, Sam's willingness to play net on the rare occasions when he's in town is huge for VRH)
-Glorious sunshine scale: 7/10 (the day started off cloudy but soon the glorious sun would grace us with it's presence)
-Temperature scale: 7/10 (the day started off almost a little chilly but once bodies got warmed up and the sun blazed down it was almost just slightly too warm)
-Perfect number of players scale: 8/10 (a sub on each team was pretty much perfect, until the last game when it shifed back to 3 on 3)
-New players scale: 7.5/10 (Patrick Latham, a friend of Melvin, becomes the latest Burton Hockey addition)
-Return of long absent regulars scale: 7.5/10 (Melvin rejoins us after a considerable absence)
-Evenness of teams/series scale: 5/10 (a couple games were really even and a couple more lopsided)
-Session intensity scale: 7/10 (despite the lengthy absence the intensity was ramped up today)
-Session openness / offensiveness scale: 5/10 (a relatively tight day with some more openess and rushes towards the end)
-Domination by one player scale: 6/10 (Andy had a strong day as usual, and Pat certainly showed he belonged as well)
-Redemptions Achieved Scale: 2/10 (teams were switched frequently so not much chance today)
-Epicness of Games Scale: 3/10 (the games went pretty quickly today except for Game 4's OT thriller)
-Exceptional goaltending performance scale: 7/10 (some absolutely phenomenal saves by both goalies today)
-Length of session scale: 6.5/10 (given most weren't in game shape, almost 3 hours was a solid outing)
-Fun of session scale: 7/10 (great to finally get out there again after an almost half a year off)
-Chance of future sessions in coming weeks scale: 3/10 (not too likely given difficulty getting two goalies, markets, people out of town, general business and the likely upcoming fall rainy season)

Thanks, Bern (and Laura)! The star of the second session of this mini-season would appear to be Dom, with a stellar .857 on 72 saves and five straight wins versus Sam, who finished at .648. Scoring-wise, Ryan was rocking the goal with 10G. Coupled with 5A, he tied Andrew (6G-9A) for first star. Despite missing the final game, Pat still finished third at 5G-7A and may have been in on first star had he stayed in his impressive rookie session. Ollie missed third star by just a point with 7G-4A. If that's all for Burton Hockey for a while, it was a fun way to come together for another hockey reunion at Ambleside Park.

Game Scores:
Andrew Oliver Melvin Pat Dom def. Bernie Rob Stefan Sam Ryan 5-1
Andrew Pat Bernie Ryan Dom def. Stefan Melvin Oliver Rob Sam 5-2
Bernie Pat Stefan Ryan Dom def. Andrew Rob Melvin Oliver Sam 5-2
Rob Ryan Stefan Melvin Dom def. Pat Andrew Oliver Bernie Sam 5-4
Ryan Melvin Oliver Dom def. Stefan Andrew Bernie Sam 5-3

Season Stats: Ryan owns the 2017 scoring lead, 26-22 over Oliver, backed by his 17 goals... Oliver leads Andrew and Ryan in assists, 11-9-9... Ryan, Stefan, Sam, Dom, and the Koth-Kappi have played in every game this season... Ryan leads in three-star points and in total star points with 25 of each; Dom is second in total star points with 20... Pat and Andy are tied for the lead in PPG at 3.00...All of the season session scoring and goaltending highs were set today.

SDF/GDF: The SDF is designed based upon having a full complement of sessions on board to work with. When you only have two in two years, that means anything can happen since one good performance can shoot you directly to the top. In this case, the debuting Pat Latham rockets right to the top of the SDF rankings after just four-fifths of a session! Andrew also reappears on the rankings in second, with incumbent #1 Rob Hajdu falling all the way down to seventh... Little change on the GDF other than the increase in Dom's lead over Sam; it's Dom's 29th career ranking led.

All-Time Session Milestones & Streaks

On the All-Time Front: Oliver is just 11 points away from the magical 3,000 point mark... Bernie becomes the fourth player with 1,800 points... Rob needs 15 points for 1,300... Ryan is five points behind Graeme Orr for 12th in points... Oliver needs 12 goals for 1,200... Bernie still needs one goal for 750... Rob is nine goals from 600... Ryan is seven goals behind Justin Gordon for 10th... Andrew is three goals behind Pat Elischer for 12th and 15 goals behind Ryan... Oliver becomes the first player to reach 1,800 assists... Andrew becomes the sixth player with 700 assists; Rob is six away from that mark... Oliver needs ten shots on goal for 6,000... Andrew needs 11 shots on goal for 3,000... Dom needs seven more games played for 800; Rob needs six for 600... Andrew becomes the 20th player to play 400 games... Dom needs three more games goaltended for 700... Dom needs ten more total star points to become the third player with 1,000... Andrew leads his 39th session in scoring, one behind Kyle Grenier for second... Andrew becomes the fourth player to score 1,200 points in VRH... Bernie's 31 consecutive sessions ties him for the seventh longest streak of all time.

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VRH 9 October 2017 VRH 9 October 2017 VRH 9 October 2017

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Bk wrote on October 12, 2017 @ 18:23:52 PST
Sorry Ry, should have mentioned you in the VWSS, you had a hell of a session! (my mind was in an exhausted fog trying to do it right after playing hockey)

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October 09, 2017

Vancouver Roller Hockey (VRH)

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