Burton 40: Dustin Marchischuk

He was the hockey prodigy of Nakusp; the most purely skilled player ever developed in the valley and winner innumerable regional and provincial honours. A typical game plan from one of his coaches usually consisted of the phrase, 'Dustin, go score three goals'. And then he'd go out and score three goals. By the time Burton Hockey formed, however, Dustin Marchischuk's infatuation with hockey had long since passed. Nevertheless, his sheer talent and aura was enough to leave a huge impression.

Dustin was the first 3.00 PPG player in Burton. An all-around obstacle on the rink, he could easily take control of a game and mould it to whatever style he felt like playing. That style usually involved selfless play with lots of passing in an effort to get his teammates into the game and get them some goals. But we were a couple years too late for his interest, unfortunately. And it's a damn shame. In BUSH, he seemed bemused bordering on bored. There probably wasn't a session where he played at more than 50-60%. It wasn't a challenge for him; it wasn't his crowd; hockey wasn't fun for him anymore. And for someone not ever trying to still get 3.00 PPG consistently in Burton Hockey just shows you the natural hockey gifts Dustin had. By July of the first year, Dustin had lost interest in the fledgling league and never came back, relocating to Kelowna. The passion for hockey had gone; he switched to golf full-time. It's too bad; he would not recognise the league as it exists now (or even a couple of seasons later) and the level of play would be much more in tune with his level now. But the shadow he cast still looms large; were it not for the other Dustin that succeeded him as Nakusp's greatest hockey talent, Marchischuk would easily have been the most outstanding player of the first year. Although his legacy is almost one of what could (or should) have been rather than what was, he remains one of the more dominant forces to step onto a Burton Hockey rink. Thus, Dustin Marchischuk is one of the Burton 40.

Awards: 1st All-Star - 2000.

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