Burton Hockey Scoring: Mapped

With the beginning of a new season, we've updated last year's Burton Hockey all-time scoring map, which asks the question: What if you were to take the scoring totals of every Burton Hockey player in history and lay them out on a map beginning at Ambleside Park, traveling east across Canada? Assuming 1 point = 1 kilometre, who's the closest to crossing the continent? We've created a Google mash-up to show you what we mean:

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All-time point leader Lee Orr is the farthest along the Trans Canada Highway; as of the beginning of the year, he is knocking on the door of Winnipeg (last April, he was just west of Broadview, Saskatchewan), having travelled 2,459 kilometres to match his 2,459 career points. Second-place Oliver Koth-Kappus is the only other player in Manitoba, having made it past Virden.

Some other random observations:

-Stefan Klopp is the only other player who has made it into Saskatchewan, sitting on the doorstep of tiny Piapot just east of the Alberta border. Lorne Bilinski and Seamus O'Connor are a couple games away from the border yet.

-Seven players in total have made it past Calgary, including Kyle Grenier, the farthest advanced non-original player.

-Justin Gordon is on Stoney land between Morley and Cochrane, Alberta (about where Bernie Koth-Kappus was last year), which, if you're into puns, is appropriate.

-K.J. O'Connor is standing on the Bow River bridge in Canmore, Alberta (no doubt propped up by an 18-inch titanium rod). K.J. is the farthest-advanced player currently inside of a town rather than a rural stretch of highway.

-The race to be the next player to make it into Alberta will be between Graeme Orr (in Blaeberry just north of Golden) and Pat Elischer, the farthest-advanced of the VRH-exclusive players (just departing Rogers Pass).

-Joern Hornhardt is just entering Revelstoke.

-The closest actual player to the village of Burton is Nathan Robson, who is lighting up one of the straight stretches of Highway 6 just before Edgewood; Nathan is the only player in the West Kootenay right now.

-Jordan Barlow is at Frank's General Store in Cherryville, about where Pat Elischer was the last time we updated this map in April.

-At the other end of Cheryville are Mitchell Detta and Laird Bilinski, who have not advanced very far since last April, when they were between Cherryville and Lumby.

-Rob Hajdu and Sam Lam are enjoying the pastoral landscape of Coldstream; back in April, they were on the southern branch of the Coquihalla.

-Ryan Disterheft and Ben de Wit are both travelling on Highway 97 along Duck Lake in northern Kelowna. Meanwhile, tony Hajdu is in West Kelowna at the Westside Road turnoff. Let's hope it's not rush hour.

-Robert Rogers and Joe Chwachka have been trapped on the Okanagan Connector for seven years.

-Shem Hanna is the latest player to get off of the Coquihalla and onto the Connector. Eric Coutinho will be next.

-Once you pass Merritt on the Coquihalla Highway, players start to bunch up, beginning just north of the old toll plaza.

-Noel Ballard is the last player trapped in the Lower Mainland; he's in east Hope, 162 kilometres from Ambleside Park.

-Andrew George would still be enjoying the treehouse and bumper cars at Dinotown, but they're turning it into an RV park. He can still hit the deli at the Bridal Falls Travel Centre, however.

-J. Leonard, T. Sivilay, K. Detta, and J. Warren and are all enjoying the aroma of east Chilliwack; Dylan Stevens is right at the Vedder Road exit; Brad Gibson is parked at the Vedder Canal.

-In his short time in VRH, Thomas Slivinski scored enough points (68) to get him across the Langley Township border into Abbotsford.

-Lyle Detta is about to exit for the Golden Ears Bridge.

-Bron Mach is still stuck on the Port Mann Bridge eight months later. I hate construction, don't you?

-Steve Cain and Forrest Harding have been enjoying Red Robinson Show Theatre in Coquitlam for quite a while now.

-Ryan MacDonald joins Shawn Struck as the last two players still in Vancouver.

-Tyson Klein is enjoying a Lions game at Empire Field, while Nick Reitmeier and Brian Morrow just got off the Second Narrows Bridge.

-Seven players are on the brink of crossing over the Capilano River into North Vancouver.

-Eight players, mostly goaltenders, still lie on the starting line (the speed bump on Argyle Avenue adjacent to the rink in Ambleside Park). Forty-one players in total have yet to leave West Vancouver.

Lee wrote on January 04, 2011 @ 12:54:27 PST
10 more points and I'll be at my grandmothers house

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