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Over the past two weeks I have been developing a new method by which to measure scoring dominance in Burton. A simple points-per-game based measurement doesn't really reflect the varying conditions and players of Burton fairly. It's easy to get a high points-per-game average playing against five rookies at the Fauquier Arena with eight-goal games; consequently, it's really hard to get anything more than 1.5 PPG playing a three-goal tournament format (Aaron Anderson, among others, got fucked over by this time and time again). So the old method has been replaced.

The new method awards the leading scorer in each session 100 SDF points, regardless of points-per-game. Every other scorer's point total in that session is equated relative to the leader's 100 points (e.g. if Player A scores 20 points in a session, Player B gets 18 and Player C gets 5, this equates to 100 SDF for Player A, 90 for Player B and 25 for Player C). In addition, the new SDF also reflects the quality of opposition the players face in a certain session. Quality points are awarded on top of the SDF points based upon the quality of opposition the player outscored in that session. For outscoring the player ranked #1 on the SDF coming into the session, the player gets 10 points (7.5 for #2, 6.6 for #3, etc.). On average, the leading scorer tends to gain 20 quality points or so, meaning his final total for the sessions will be around 120.

The total SDF points over the past ten sessions are added up and divided by the number of sessions the player has played (e.g., if a player only plays 5 out of 8 games in a session, the player is credited with .625 sessions). Over the past ten sessions, a player must have played two FULL sessions in order to receive full value for the points (remember, we're looking for continued dominance here).

You can check out the all-new SDF by clicking on 'Records and Honours' on the front page of and scrolling to the bottom of the All-Time section. Enjoy!

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