Elischer Gets Into Fray

After reading Lee Orr's comments on Burton Hockey which claimed that numerous players (including Elischer) were deliberately missing the session because they were afraid to face him, Elischer responded by saying he would have altered his long weekend plans to attend the session if it was even remotely possible. He added that he would relish the chance to play against Orr.  He went on to say, "This Lee Orr guy thinks just cause he’s the season scoring leader he can trash talk VRH with impunity. Well, I’ll tell you one thing when I do play against him, and I will, I really want to teach him a lesson, you know… and I want to do it not just for me but for all my VRH brethren. I really want to put these Bush-leaguers in their place."  In the end only time will tell if Orr is man enough to face this challenge from Elischer and if he is, who the victor ultimately will be. 

* this article makes no claims as to accuracy, words quoted may not be the exact words of Patrick Elischer


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