Burton 40: Tony Hajdu

Tony Hajdu is somewhat of a contrast to his brother Rob; a bit quieter, one would say. Tony's arrival in VRH in June 2009 was anything but quiet, however, lighting up Burton legend Bron Mach for 14 goals and 24 points. Putting up the third-highest scoring rookie session ever, he immediately showed the combination of skill and tenacity that has made him one of Vancouver's best. His per-game statistics do not give justice to how much of an influence he possesses over sessions. In fact, his stats are a reflection of it: as one of the better players on the rink, he often seems to be placed head-to-head against elite players rather with them, and thus never gets put on teams where he can get together with another top player and put points up. This reflects the other portion of his game: solid teamwork. Tony doesn't care so much about scoring as he does about helping his team win. His sportsmanship, his dedication (85 games played in his first four months in VRH) and his skill make him one of the most valued players in VRH. He's also one of the most accurate shooters in the league thanks to his deft hands and amazing ability to drive the net. Having made such a huge impact on the Vancouver league in such a short amount of time, it's easy to see why Tony Hajdu is one of the Burton 40.


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