1 Tony Hajdu 6 6 9 7 16 1.50 1.17 2.67 4.83 29 31.03
2 Ryan Disterheft 6 6 9 5 14 1.50 0.83 2.33 5.67 34 26.47
3 Stefan Klopp 6 6 5 9 14 0.83 1.50 2.33 3.67 22 22.73
4 Rob Hajdu 6 6 6 7 13 1.00 1.17 2.17 5.17 31 19.35
5 Casey Moore 6 6 5 7 12 0.83 1.17 2.00 5.00 30 16.67
6 Darrel Voser 5 5 6 5 11 1.20 1.00 2.20 6.00 30 20.00
7 Bernie Koth-Kappus 6 6 2 4 6 0.33 0.67 1.00 0.83 5 40.00
8 Colby Olsen 6 6 1 1 2 0.17 0.17 0.33 1.33 8 12.50
9 Travis Moore 6 0 0 1 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00
10 Dominik Voser 6 0 0 1 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 0.00

1 Dominik Voser 6 80 63 17 10.50 0.787 0 0 1 0
2 Travis Moore 6 109 83 26 13.83 0.761 0 0 1 0

- Glorious sunshine scale: 6/10 (nice mix of sun and cloud)
- Temperature scale: 7.5/10 (nice moderate temps for this time of year)
- Perfect number of players scale: 9/10 (one sub on each team)
- New players scale: 9.6/10 (Travis, a friend of Tony's, enters as a goalie and his brother a skater; also Colby's long awaited VRH debut)
- Return of long absent regulars scale: 0/10
- Evenness of teams/series scale: 6/10 (despite a few blow-outs the teams were relatively even for most of the session)
- Session intensity scale: 7.5/10 (started out ferociously and then waned a bit as people tired)
- Session openness / offensiveness scale: 6/10 (more open later in the session)
- Domination by one player scale: 3/10 (very even out there today; Klopp & Tony had strong sessions; Ryno was a goal scoring machine)
- Redemptions Achieved Scale: 6/10 (some solid redemption by Travis' team in the second game of series 2 winning 5-1; then double reverse redemption by Dom's team to win the next game 5-1 taking the series)
- Epicness of Games Scale: 3/10 (only one OT game today)
- Exceptional goaltending performance scale: 6/10 (some very solid goal stretches today for both goalies but also a couple very quick games near the end)
- Length of session scale: 8/10 (A pretty pedestrian ~ 3 hours of play but an impressive 6 games in that span)
- Fun of session scale: 9/10 (it was an absolute blast to get back out there again)
- Chance of future sessions in coming weeks scale: 5/10 (it's certainly great having some new players/goalies in the fold, but with a lot of busyness over the next few weeks, along with the start of the Master Bladers season, this one is tough to call)

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Thanks, Bern! The fall season kicks off with three new players and some evenly-distributed scoring, but for the second time in the last three sessions, Tony takes first star with 9G-7A, besting the pair of Stefan (5G-9A) and Ryan (9G-5A) by two points. Casey was very impressive in his debut at 5G-7A. Had Darrel not missed the final game, he likely would have figured in the star points as well. In goal, Travis took the volume (.761 on 83 saves), but Dom had the better save percentage (.788 on 63 saves).

Game Scores:
Darrel Bernie Tony Rob Dom def. Stefan Colby Casey Ryan Travis 5-2 5-4
Tony Bernie Casey Stefan Dom def. Colby Darrel Rob Ryan Travis 5-2 1-5 5-1
Stefan Rob Ryan Dom def. Casey Colby Bernie Tony Travis 5-3

Length of session: 3h 00 min

Elo Ratings The Multiplayer Elo server is down at the moment; this section will be updated when it is fixed.

Season Stats: Darrel becomes the first player this season to cross the 100-point barrier, but Stefan has closed the gap between first and second to 12 points (104-92). Ryan jumps over the absent Andrew Smart and Tom Slivinski into third at 75, while Rob is just seven points behind Tom for fifth at 64 points. Tony is solidly in seventh at 55, and Bernie passes Markus Lohuaru for ninth... Darrel's goalscoring lead over Tom is massive at 63-39; Ryan passes Stefan for third, 38-36; Tony breaks into the top five at 29... Stefan extends his assist lead over Andrew to 56-46; Ryan passes Tom for fourth, 37-32... Darrel is far ahead of second-place Stefan in shots-on-goal, 328-233, but Stefan is followed closely by Rob, Ryan, and Andy... With his goalscoring outburst today, Tony jumps from fifth to first in shooting percentage at 21.01%... Dom narrows the gap in saves between himself and Stu Hall to 799-786... Stuart finally misses his first session of the season, leaving Bernie alone as the only player to have played all 50 VRH games this year. Dom now leads Stu for second, 45-44, followed by Darrel at 41 and Stefan at 37... Dom trails Stu in games goaltended, 44-41. Amazingly, Travis is now third at six... Stefan jumps into third in three-star points at 45, with Ryan and Tom both five points behind. Stefan is also now fifth in total star points at 45... Ryan passes Andy for fifth in GPG... Tony's 16 points today tie for the fifth-highest session total of the year... Ryan and Tony's nine goals apiece both tie for the fourth-highest session totals of the season... Stefan's nine assists tie for the fourth-best total this year.

SDF/GDF: First-place Neil and second-place Tom were away today, so the big movement comes from Stefan, who moves past Andy and Darrel into third on the SDF. Sam Lam falls under the session minimum and out of the top ten. That combined with a Rob fall bring Ryan and Tony up two spots each to seventh and eighth... With little movement on the GDF save for Travis' debut in fifth place, Bron Mach become the first player to lead 40 rankings on the GDF.

All-Time Session Milestones & Streaks:
Stefan becomes the third player to score 2,100 points... Bernie needs five points for 1,800... Ryan needs nine points to become the 13th player with 1,000 points... Darrel passes 500 points and is one point behind Laird Bilinski for 22nd... Darrel passes Marcus Keighron to enter the top 20 in goals.. Stefan becomes the fourth player to score 1,000 assists... Rob is 11 assists behind Andrew Smart for sixth; Tony is 14 assists behind Joern Hornhardt for 14th... Rob passes Lorne Bilinski for seventh in shots on goal... Ryan becomes the 17th player with 500 games played... It's taken many years, but Stefan has tied Oliver for second in three-star points and fourth in total star points at 925... Tony reaches 200 three-star points... Bernie needs 14 games to becomes the first person to play 1,000 games in VRH... Tony pots his 28th career 15-pointer... Travis grabs his first career 80-saver in his first career appearance... Bernie now has the tenth-longest consecutive session streak of all time at 28, dating back to 9 June 2013... Stuart Hall misses his first session of the year and has his consecutive session streak end at 15.

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Bk wrote on September 09, 2015 @ 16:51:35 PST
I totally didn't realize that, it's very fitting... and calls for a possible VRH Decca-session at some point.
Kyle wrote on September 09, 2015 @ 15:52:58 PST
And to think VRH started out ten years ago with a season full of half-court games with the same five people. It's awesome to see how far it's come.
Bk wrote on September 09, 2015 @ 11:48:35 PST
Nice pick-up Tony. So VRH is now well over 1000 games and has had 100 players... pretty cool.
Tony wrote on September 08, 2015 @ 00:06:59 PST
I'd also like to point out that VRH reached 100 participants all-time.

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September 06, 2015

Vancouver Roller Hockey (VRH)

Ambleside Park



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