Burton 40: Dominik Voser

As Vancouver Roller Hockey continued to develop through the second half of the '00 decade, it experienced growing pains. One of those pains was finding a second regular goaltender that could stand up to the high standard of Bron Mach. Joern Hornhardt and Lorne Bilinski traded off in goal usually, but they were skaters first and foremost. Even as VRH boomed in the spring and summer of 2009, finding that second dedicated goalie remained an issue. Enter Dominik Voser.

Entering VRH as so many do through the VIHL Masterbladers, the Swiss netminder carried much hype on his shoulders entering the Ambleside Park rink for the first time. Naturally, his opponent in goal was fellow first-generation Canadian Bron. What ensued was one of the great goaltendeing sessions ever seen in West Vancouver. In three games, both goaltenders finished at .889. Dom averaged nearly 30 saves per game en route to what was the second-best rookie session ever at the time. Right from the get-go, Dom was established as a force to be reckoned with.

Since that session, Dom, while erratic at times like Bron, has been part of a twin axis of high-level VRH netminding. His rookie season has featured sessions of 153 and 147 saves. With 69 games played and 936 saves in just one half-season, Dom has shown that he is up to task of facing high shot volumes, even if he fades a bit in longer sessions. His goaltending style features excellent positional play, a great glove hand, and he is extremely hard to beat on the first shot as a result. Dominik loves to play and has tremendous dedication to the art of goaltending, fighting for every save. Dominik already had the respect of the VRH faithful before he entered Burton Hockey; his tenacity, skill, soft-spoken demeanour and dedication to the game have validated that respect. One of the bright young lights of VRH with years of excellent play surely ahead of him, Dominik Voser is already in the Burton 40.

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