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Check Out The Revamped SDF

Over the past two weeks I have been developing a new method by which to measure scoring dominance in Burton. A simple points-per-game based measurement doesn't really reflect the varying conditions and players of Burton fairly.

Our Compatriots Back East

In my time back here in Prince George I have met a number of great new people, many of whom are as obsessive about hockey as we are (well, maybe). One of those people is Mike Hurley of Dartmouth, NS. His pickup hockey league, much like ours, has a website at www.bghl.ca.

SDF, GDF Now Posted In Records And Honours Section

Today marks the introduction of two brand new statistical categories to Burton hockey, the Scoring Dominance Factor (SDF) and Goaltending Dominance Factor (GDF). These categories measure who is the most dominant player in each category over the last ten session based upon a minimum of thirteen games played. For the SDF, points scored while goaltending are NOT counted.

New Burton Cup Classifications

In addition to the regular team classification, two new competitions have been added to the Burton Cup.

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