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Burton 40 Honourable Mentions

Paying tribute to the guys who just missed the cut.

Burton 40: Lee Orr

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

Burton 40: Jordan Downey

"Meh. 2/10, would not hit again."

Burton 40: Tony Sivilay


Burton 40: Laird Bilinski

"Hurry up, Lairn!" "F*ck you, Bernie!"

Burton 40: Andrew George

"And that's how it looks out there this morning. Steve?"

Burton 40: Graeme Orr

"The mark of the man of the world is absence of pretension."

Burton 40: Shem Hanna

"I'm a good friend, but I'm a hell of an enemy. As your enemy, I want your demise. When I feel that in my heart it burns till I die."

Burton 40: Dominik Voser

"Who dares, wins."

Burton 40: Oliver Koth-Kappus

*grunt* "Aargh."

Burton 40: Dustin Blair

"Do everything right, once."

Burton 40: Bron Mach

"Hold the fort! I'm coming!"

Burton 40: Dustin Marchischuk

"Boredom is the root of all evil—the despairing refusal to be oneself."

Burton 40: Kyle Grenier

"Every shot was thrown with bad intentions."

Burton 40: Robert Rogers

"The intelligent, sensational destroyer."

Burton 40: Simon Hilton


Burton 40: Lorne Bilinski

"A man with a dream with plans to make green."

Burton 40: Rob Hajdu

"Carlton Banks, you put your clothes on this minute!"

Burton 40: Bernie Koth-Kappus

"They figured he was a lazy, time wasting slacker. They were right."

Burton 40: Jerod Warren

"Command me — send me to the ends of the earth — I will obey."

Burton 40: Chris Jackins

"They're not going to catch me. I'm on a mission from God."

Burton 40: Sam Lam

"The boy in the bubble."

Burton 40: Lyle Detta

Burton 40: Dallas Sinclair

"F*ck community college, let's get drunk and eat chicken fingers."

Burton 40: Mitchell Detta

"Child is father to the man."

Burton 40: K.J. O'Connor

"I intend to live forever. So far, so good."

Burton 40: Terryn Stenseth

"Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing."

Burton 40: Pat Elischer

"Destruction, terror, and mayhem."

Burton 40: Ben de Wit

"The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators."

Burton 40: Joern Hornhardt

"How much is the fish?"

Burton 40: Andrew Watson


Burton 40: Patrick Strachan

"I guess I'm gonna fade into Bolivian."

Burton 40: Nathan Robson

"The irresistible force AND the immovable object."

Burton 40: Ryan Disterheft

"See? Nice guys do finish first."

Burton 40: Justin Gordon

"I guess I just wasn't made for these times."

Burton 40: Troy Waldron

"What we do in life... echoes in eternity."

Burton 40: Karl Detta

"The old man down the road."

Burton 40: Stefan Klopp

"I am Canadian and that is what Canada is all about."

Burton 40: Joe Chwachka

"Wield the hammer with my trust and strength."

Burton 40: Seamus O'Connor

"Two-Tang Taco Titties Rise Above the Clouds Gonzalez."

Burton 40: Tony Hajdu

"Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Burton 40 Begins Tuesday

Join us here tomorrow on BurtonHockey.com as we begin our (random) countdown of the 40 biggest names in Burton Hockey history.

Lee Orr Becomes All-Time Leading Scorer

On a cold, rainy afternoon in Burton, BC, Lee Orr made Burton Hockey history and passed Oliver Koth-Kappus for the all-time scoring lead.

Count Down with BurtonHockey.com!

To celebrate ten glorious seasons of Burton Hockey, Burton Hockey will be releasing its list of the 40 greatest names in Burton history all through December right here on BurtonHockey.com.

New Milestones and Streaks Pages

A full comprehensive list of milestones and streaks achieved by players can be found in the Links section.

All-Time Goaltending Session Benchmarks

Presented here is a list of goaltending benchmarks beginning at .800 save percentage, and the number of times each goaltender has achieved them in the ten-year history of Burton Hockey.

Elischer Gets Into Fray

Elischer adds his comments on the recent tension with the leagues leading scorer.

Klopp, Koth-Kappus Fire Back at Orr

'Lee Orr's claims unfounded, guilty of orchestrating the entire matchup', retorted the VRH stalwart this morning.

Orr Slams VRH, O'Connor in Controversial Interview

With the 2009 scoring title all but wrapped up, evidently Lee Orr is trying to find a new angle to get his opponents riled up in advance of his long-awaited VRH return.

State of the Game: 2 September 2009

An address from league adjudicator Kyle Kusch.

First VRH SuperSession Tomorrow in North Van

Just one week after the hugely successful BUSH SuperSession in Burton, VRH is responding with one of their own.

Major Records Fall in Longest Session Ever

The Burton Hockey record book was wiped clean in Sunday's BUSH SuperSession, the longest session ever at twelve games, setting new standards for scoring and saves in a session, among others.

Martin Sets Goalie Records in Outstanding Session

Jesse Martin made Burton Hockey history Monday by posting a save percentage of .923, smashing the longstanding rookie record previously held by Robert Rogers since 2002 of .917. The session is the second-best goaltending performance of all-time and best of 2009.

Goalies Now Awarded Stars Thanks To New Metric

Effective with the next session (and retroactive to all previous sessions), goaltenders in Burton Hockey will now be awarded star points thanks to the creation of a new statistic designed specifically for this purpose.

Burton Hockey Tonight

Watch the premiere episode of Burton Hockey Tonight by clicking 'Full Article' below.

Where Video Happens

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Elischer Equals Session Scoring Record

VRH star Pat Elischer made Burton Hockey history today by equalling Robert Rogers' longstanding record of 40 points in one session, taking one fewer game to do so.

Burton Hockey Introduces New Award

Burton Hockey announced yesterday the creation of a Most Improved Player to be given at season's end to the player judged to have made the most improvement in his or her game during the previous year. Awards were also handed out in this category for previous seasons.

Top Scorer Orr Sidelined 4-6 Weeks With Rib Injury

Burton Hockey's leading scorer Lee Orr announced this morning that he will be out for at least one month with a separated rib.

Classic Images Uploaded

Images have been added for the sessions on 30 June 2006 and 21 April 2009.

Images Galore!

Enjoy a plethora of new images and videos on BurtonHockey.com.

BUSH IS Dead, Long Live BUSH

Lee Orr announced today that Burton United Socialist Hockey, the original league of Burton Hockey, will indeed return for a tenth season with play to begin immediately.

2008 Burton Hockey Awards

After many delays, the official list of 2008 Burton Hockey honorees were announced today in advance of 2009's first session, with Stefan Klopp leading the charge as VRH players ran the table.

The History of Burton Hockey Awards

The complete history of Burton Hockey awards from 2000 through 2008.

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