Burton 40: Jerod Warren

Jerod Warren is one of those players that people assume played more than he actually did. 'Never more than 16 games in a single season? Really?' It's both an indictment of the lean years of Burton Hockey and a compliment to Jerod's influence and ability.

Jerod first broke into Burton Hockey in BUSH during the leanest season of all, 2002. His 16 goals and 24 points in his debut session still stand among the all-time great rookie performances, and helped him sew up Rookie of the Year rather easily. He loved playing and wanted to be out there; it was we who failed him by not organising more sessions that year. When BUSH returned to form the next season, it was too late, as Jerod was off to BCIT in Burnaby.

Although most of his games were played in BUSH, Jerod's biggest legacy is in VRH. When VRH was formed in 2005, this gave Jerod the opportunity to play again, and he did it eagerly. He'll forever be remembered as the man who led the first-ever VRH session in scoring. He brought in the first VRH recruits, Doug Posnick and Isaac Schroeder. After Lorne Bilinski, Jerod was VRH's most dominant scorer that first year. Just as quickly as his career restarted, though, he was gone away again, this time to Fort McMurray.

Jerod will be remembered for his joviality, his high workrate, and his equal passing and scoring ability. Moreover, he helped kickstart VRH; he sits only behind Pat Elischer in VRH points-per-game among players with multiple sessions. Erratic but memorable, Jerod Warren was one of the stars of Burton Hockey in its lean years and is one of the Burton 40.

Awards: Rookie of the Year - 2002; Most Improved Player - 2005; 2nd All-Star - 2002.

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