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Vancouver Roller Hockey Is Open For Business

The long-awaited Vancouver conference of Burton hockey came to fruition Sunday night with the first session of Vancouver Roller Hockey (VRH) at Burnaby's Confederation Park. This creates an instant rivalry with the original Burton hockey conference, Burton United Socialist Hockey (BUSH), based at Burton's John McCormack Memorial Park. VRH has an impressive line-up of longtime BUSH mainstays who were instrumental in the founding days of Burton hockey such as Stefan Klopp, Joern Hornhardt, Bernie Koth-Kappus and Lorne and Laird Bilinski.

2004 Burton Socialist Hockey Awards: Individual Aw

Scoring Champion: Justin Gordon-Lorne Bilinski was well on his way to another title until his departure. Despite a late resurgence from Seamus, Justin was a clearcut champ this year.
Outstanding Player: Robert Rogers-While some argument can be made for Dallas, 159 points in 43 games is simply astounding.

2004 Burton Socialist Hockey Awards: All-Stars

The year 2004 was a glorious resurgence for Burton hockey, and it is time to honour the people who made it such a great year.

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