2004 Burton Socialist Hockey Awards: All-Stars

The year 2004 was a glorious resurgence for Burton hockey, and it is time to honour the people who made it such a great year.

1st All-Stars

Lorne Bilinski, Burton

Justin Gordon, Nakusp

Seamus O'Connor, Nakusp

Nathan Robson (G), Nakusp

Robert Rogers, Crescent Bay

The 1st All-Star team was a slam-dunk Unfortunately, it was a seven-man slam dunk on a team with only room for five.

2nd All-Stars

Chris Jackins (G), Nakusp

K.J. O'Connor, Nakusp

Lee Orr, Glenbank

Dallas Sinclair, Nakusp

Patrick Strachan, Nakusp

K.J. and Chris are the victims of the paring, the battle for top goalie was heated all year and K.J. really broke out in 2004 and with less Robert in 2005, he should easily make the first team. Had Lee been able to play more, it would have made selecting the first team even harder. Also notable is the absence of Oliver Koth-Kappus from the all-stars this season, knocked off by sophomore standout Pat Strachan.

Most Dedicated Team

Lorne Bilinski, Burton

Justin Gordon, Nakusp

Bernie Koth-Kappus, Brouse

Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse

Seamus O'Connor, Nakusp

Lee Orr, Glenbank

The Most Dedicated Team honours the players who showed the most dedication to Burton hockey in the year. 2004's team is the biggest team ever, with six worthy selections.

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