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Presenting the 2013 VRH Awards

The ballots are in. Now it's time to see who YOU voted for in the 2013 VRH awards...

Voting Now Open For 2013 Awards

Download your ballots now and vote for the 2013 Burton Hockey Awards!

2013 Burton Hockey Hall of Fame Class Announced

Chris Jackins, K.J. O'Connor, Graeme Orr, and Nathan Robson comprise this year's Burton Hockey Hall of Fame class.

A Map of Burton Hockey Player Connections

Using the open source software Gephi, we ran the entire history of Burton Hockey sessions from 2000-2013 through it to see how players relate to each other after 14 seasons of hockey. The software analyses who each person played with in a session and how many times they did so. The final result is 13 years and 214 players condensed into one awesome-looking diagram.

2013 Burton Hockey Hall of Fame Ballot

The list of eligible candidates for the inaugural voting class is presented.

Introducing the Burton Hockey Hall of Fame

We salute the inaugural inductees into the Burton Hockey Hall of Fame.

Presenting the 2012 VRH Awards

The masses have spoken, and it is time to reveal who YOU chose as VRH's best of 2012.

The History of Burton Hockey Awards

A complete list of Burton Hockey award winners from 2000 through 2012.

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