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2012 Arena League Awards

Now that we have reached the end of the inaugural season of the Nakusp Arena League, it is time to dole out the year-end awards and celebrate the top players and most dedicated figures of the past three months in the Arena!

A New League Is Here

For years, we have speculated about where a new league of roller hockey could possibly be located. Today, the speculation is over, as we officially announce the start of a new league at the Nakusp & District Sports Complex starting Tuesday, 24 April. Burton Hockey will never be the same...

All-Time Alternate Location Scoring Leaders

We know who the leading scorers are at McCormack and Ambleside parks (just look at the league stats), but have you ever wondered who the leading scorer in the history of the Fauquier rink is? How about Queen Elizabeth Park? Here is a look at the top five scorers at every alternate rink Burton Hockey has ever played.

Presenting the 2011 Burton Hockey Awards

The masses have spoken, and it is time to reveal who YOU chose as the top players of 2011.

The History of Burton Hockey Awards

A complete list of Burton Hockey award winners from 2000 through 2011.

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