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Christmas Session Returns to Burton Hockey

The annual Christmas session was a tradition for the first four years of Burton Hockey. Tomorrow afternoon, it will return for the first time since 2003.

Vote Now For the 2010 Burton Hockey Awards

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Return to BURTЯUȢ

Return to the otherworldly realm of BURTЯUȢ...

All-Time Sibling Scoring Combos

In eleven seasons of Burton Hockey, sibling pairings have struck gold in both BUSH and VRH to rather disproportionate levels. But just who is the highest-scoring sibling pair of all time?

Dominik Voser Becomes All-Time Save Leader

With 117 saves today, VRH stalwart goaltender Dominik Voser became the all-time save leader in Burton Hockey history with 4,162, dethroning previous record holder Laird Bilinski.

VRH Claims Fuller Cup

Vancouver Roller Hockey (VRH) held off a late-charging Burton United Socialist Hockey (BUSH) squad to take the second Fuller Cup tournament 6 games to 3 in what was roundly considered the wettest session in either league's history. Pat Elischer and Ben de Wit tied for the scoring lead with 22 points each in the nine games. Details to follow when the full Burton Championship Weekend write-ups are posted (no later than Monday). Weather permitting, the BUrton Open mix-and-match will take tomorrow on Day 2.

Updated Lineups Heading Into Championship

VRH announced a solid provisional lineup today in advance of Burton Championship Weekend this weekend. Eleven players have been confirmed to be suiting up against the defending Fuller Cup champions from BUSH.

Excitement Builds for VRH-BUSH Rematch

With just two-and-a-half weeks until the Thanksgiving weekend rematch for the Fuller Cup, the defending champions from Burton United Socialist Hockey have released a preliminary line-up of players traveling to the Lower Mainland to take VRH on in its home turf.

Kyle Grenier Sets New Single-Season Scoring Mark

It's only the end of August, and Kyle Grenier has already broken the records for most points in one season with 735; a record set last year that many thought would stand for a long time.

Oh, Ricky, You're So Fine

Pat Elischer set a new standard in one-day scoring for Burton Hockey on Saturday with 56 points in 13 games, including an astounding 46 goals, showing once again why he is the top skater in Burton Hockey today.

Tony Hajdu in a Sundress and Other Delights

We've uploaded shots from two VRH sessions uploaded, including pics of the Tony Hajdu wedding session and the infamous 'Battle With The Kids' at William Griffin Park.

Longest Absences Between Sessions; Sun Peaks Notes

Sunday's return of Logan Marchischuk to the Burton fold made him the first player in history to return after over a decade. In the history of Burton Hockey, there have been ten players who have returned after an absence of four or more years.

Southern BC Rink List on Google Maps

You can now view our entire master list of roller hockey-ready rinks in southern mainland BC in Google Maps and Google Earth.


Dare to peer inside...

Research Report: Potential Rinks (Metro Vancouver)

Click 'Full Article' for details.

Must-See Footage From Lee Orr

Lee Orr has put together an amazing montage from yesterday's BUSH shootout, which was filmed in 1080p high definition.

Bilinski DecaSession Photo Motherlode

The Bilinski family have donated a mammoth 249 DecaSession photos to our collection!

Research Report: Potential Rinks in Southern BC

Click 'Full Article' for details.

More DecaSession Video and Pictures

BurtonHockey.com brings you video from the BUSH celebration of their Fuller Cup victory, as well as 35 high-resolution photos from Roxanne and Seamus O'Connor.

Season Faceoff Statistics After the DecaSession

One of Burton Hockey's youngest stars is leading the way two months after the implementation of manadatory faceoffs in BUSH.

NEW! Exciting DecaSession Video

FOUR NEW VIDEOS ADDED! Noel Ballard has captured some fantastic video footage from the 2010 Fuller Cup. NEW PICTURES ADDED FOR 7 APRIL! Bernie Koth-Kappus has added his DecaSession shots to BurtonHockey.com. Go to...

Ten Years of Stats, a Lifetime of Memories

Stefan Klopp has posted a lovely article on his blog about what this weekend symbolises to him.

DecaSession Start Time on Friday

All players in the DecaSession should be ready to play for 10:30 am, Friday, 2 April 2010. Those based in Nakusp should thus leave town at 10:00 am; those based in Fauquier should be leaving at 10:15 am. It will indeed be in Burton.

Burton Hockey Scoring: Mapped

A visual respresentation of all-time Burton Hockey scoring in Google Maps.

Burton Hockey: In Pictures

A small video tribute to ten years of Burton Hockey.

The BUSH Faceoff Experiment: How's It Working?

It's been three weeks since Burton United Socialist Hockey switched to using faceoffs after every goal. Seven sessions in, who's performing the best? And who needs to work on their puck-drop reflexes? Here's who's on top and who's not.

Elischer, Smart Obliterate Session Scoring Records

In a marathon 14-game VRH session at Ambleside Saturday, Pat Elischer and Andrew Smart rewrote the Burton Hockey record book.

It's Almost Jersey Time

Both VRH and BUSH will be shipping out for sweaters this week so we can get them in time for the DecaSession; if you want in (even if you won't be at the DecaSession), it's best to get in touch now. Click on 'Full Article' to see which numbers have already been claimed.

Classic Images Uploaded!

We've switched over about 220 photos to our main storage site for you to browse, including two new sets previously unseen to viewers of BurtonHockey.com!

Tentative Deca-Session Line-Up (as of 11 January)

Click 'Full Article' for lineups. If you're a Burton Hockey player who isn't on the list and wants to be there this Easter for the biggest session in history, sign up in the Comments box or look for us on Facebook.

Countdown to the Deca-Session

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Burton Hockey, VRH's best are travelling to Burton this Easter to challenge the pride of BUSH for ultimate Burton supremacy.

2009 Burton Hockey Awards

The greatest season in Burton Hockey history was feted today with the announcement of the year-end awards. While some awardees were pretty clear-cut, other awards were quite contentious and led to major lobbying from all sides.

The History of Burton Hockey Awards

The complete list of Burton Hockey awards from 2000 through 2009.

What If...

...you were to take every Burton Hockey season and adjust them to an even 82-game schedule? Sure, we played a lot of games this past season, but how did it stack when compared directly against other years?

Burton Number 0

Kyle is as sarcastic and irreverent as a human can be. His razor sharp wit cuts through sentimentality and pretension like a pointy straw through a slurpee.

Profile for Kyle at: http://www.burtonhockey.com/kyle-kusch.php

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