Longest Absences Between Sessions; Sun Peaks Notes

Longest Absence Between Sessions

Sunday's return of Logan Marchischuk to the Burton fold made him the first player in history to return after over a decade. In the history of Burton Hockey, there have been ten players who have returned after an absence of four or more years:

Logan Marchischuk-10y 1m 23d (4/5/2000-27/6/2010)
Dylan Stevens-8y 10m 12d (13/7/2000-25/5/2009)
Ebony Rutko-7y 7m 8d (14/8/2000-22/3/2008)
Joe Chwachka-6y 8m 11d (22/7/2003-2/4/2010)
Brandon Blair-6y 3m 8d (15/5/2003-23/8/2009)
Paul Irrelevante-6y 1m 3d (19/7/2003-22/8/2009)
Noel Ballard-5y 6m 6d (17/5/2004-23/11/2009)
Tony Sivilay-5y 4m 5d (12/5/2000-17/9/2005)
Colby Olsen-4y 11m 23d (17/5/2004-9/5/2009)
Scott Britton-4y 9m 25d (24/7/2004-18/5/2009)

First-Ever Burton Hockey Session in Kamloops Scheduled for This Weekend

In honour of the return to Canada and impending marriage of all-time Burton Hockey goaltending stalwart Chris Jackins, Seamus O'Connor has assembled a BUSH session for this weekend as part of the 'male-oriented pre-marriage festivities'. With the festivities taking place in Sun Peaks (BC's newest municipality), a session will take place Sunday morning 33 km west of Sun Peaks at Len Haughton Park in Heffley Creek. Heffley Creek is the northernmost neighbourhood of Kamloops, 25 km north of downtown but still within city limits, hopefully guaranteeing that the regulation-size Heffley rink will be well-maintained and in fine condition for us come Sunday morning. Names bandied about in addition to Jackins and O'Connor include the Koth-Kappus brothers, the Orr brothers, Andrew Watson, Justin Gordon, Noel Ballard, and Dylan Stevens. There is also a smaller, Ambleside-size rink four blocks away that can be used as a back-up in an emergency if the main rink isn't available. This will be just the second time in the 11 seasons of Burton Hockey that a session will take place outside of the Arrow Lakes or Metro Vancouver (the ill-fated Calgary session of January 2003 being the first).

For Jackins (who, make no mistake, will be forced to play just as Tony Hajdu was last weekend), this will mark his first session since March 2008. Despite missing the past two incredibly huge seasons, he remains second all-time in games goaltended and fourth in saves, a testament to his dedication to Burton Hockey. Oddly enough, in his last session, who was the opposing goaltender? The woman who will become his sister-in-law this summer, Ebony Rutko.

So don't let your hangovers get you down Sunday morning, kids; let's make it happen at Heffley!


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