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No one has had more of an impact on Burton hockey than Kyle Kusch. Without Kyle's singular dedication and commitment Burton Hockey as we know it would not exist. Perhaps that is the highest compliment that can be payed, and hes accomplished all this having never played a single game.

The story begins in April of 2000, when a group of friends organized hockey at the newly minted John McCormick Memorial Park (since renamed the ALHS Archives Arena at John McCormack Memorial Park). Kyle was invited to come and watch, and jokingly “to keep stats”. He took the latter comment to heart and in Kyle Kusch fashion did a meticulous job of recording the days statistics, using only a couple inches of graphing paper. A few days later another session took place and Kyle again took stats. After the second session just having the stats wasn't enough for Kyle (and would never be) and he posted them to his website. Burton Hockey was changed forever. New excitement generated from sessions having a sense of permanence. There were records to be broken, standards to be bested, and the new league now had a home. New players wanted to join to add their names to this list and see how they'd measure up. The league took off, and by the end of the first official year you could be sure players would notify Kyle to make sure he hadn't missed their point!

Kyle's influence hardly ends with the recording and entering of stats. Whether its -30 or +45 Kyle is undaunted and ready to go. Neither rain nor sleet, nor snow can fetter his fiery fanaticism. Whenever the chance arises to organize another skirmish, nobody blows the war horn louder than Kyle Kusch. He became the self anointed commissioner of Burton Hockey in 2000, and developed the structures and rules that govern todays sessions in both VRH and BUSH. While it was Stefan Klopp's brilliant design that took the website to the next level, it was Kyle Kusch driving the content. Long after we've gone home Kyle is still writing the kind of in-depth statistical analysis Wall Street would pay millions for with a vernacular to make sports commentators wet. The player bios, the news articles, and the staggeringly detailed statistical analysis are the work of Kyle Kusch. No record, no matter how obscure, has escaped the claws of his photographic memory.

If you find him having not yet received his stats, you may mistake him for an eager schoolgirl waiting for a date. You might even see him pacing excitedly back and and forth across the room, rubbing his hands together and checking his email every two minutes. And when the stats finally arrive, when he opens that sacred document, it is as if he were opening the gates to Elysium itself and a world of boundless bliss beyond. Hallelujah. Total ecstasy. So, does that make Kyle a nerd? Hell no, he's an ueber nerd. But not the kind who craves bearded dwarfs and dainty elves. No it's bearded hillbillies, and urban hipsters battling it out with hockey sticks that he pines for.

With the utmost precision and diligence he continues to chronicle the exploits of Burton Hockey's heroes and preserves their greatest moments in the annals of history. Creating the SDF and GDF to measure dominance, the yearly Burton Hockey awards, a three star points system, and recording every streak known to man are a scant few of the ways in which Kyle continually seeks to reward great play and commitment. While there are many important backbones to Burton hockey, Kyle Kusch is undoubtedly the soul. He never stops innovating or pushing the league to new heights and his success is obvious. The pairing of Stefan and Kyle's formidable skills has taken Burton Hockey far beyond anyones wildest dreams.

Over the past 10 years Kyle has created an image for Burton Hockey that far outweighs it's humble beginnings. Through everything the game has remained true to it roots, which is, and always has been a gathering of friends, something Kyle's kept close to his heart. His efforts have helped unite us in the great tribe of Burton Hockey not just as players but as lifelong friends. His formidable memory preserves the most precious moments of yesteryear from the darkness of oblivion, his energy and enthusiasm ensure that the flame of Burton Hockey remains always alight. His devotion guarantees that as long as he's captaining the ship, Burton Hockey will continue to boldly go where no recreational roller hockey league has gone before. His massive contributions, enthusiasm for the game, and continued effort is the epitome of dedication. While we could wax forever on Kyle's talents and his importance to the game its his humor, his humility, his commitment to excellence in what he does that make us so blessed to have him as a commissioner and as a friend. As such, Kyle Kusch is the absolute embodiment of Burton Hockey.

Kyle wrote on January 02, 2010 @ 00:42:54 PST
Very cool, folks. Thanks for an excellent write-up. It's been a pleasure this past ten years; here's to a hundred more.
BK wrote on January 01, 2010 @ 15:38:08 PST
Thanks Kyle, for 10 years of statistical awesomeness!

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