All-Time Sibling Scoring Combos

In eleven seasons of Burton Hockey, sibling pairings have struck gold in both BUSH and VRH to rather disproportionate levels. But just who is the highest-scoring sibling pair of all time?

Oliver & Bernie Koth-Kappus 3,496

Lee & Graeme Orr 3,322

Seamus & K.J. O'Connor 2,542

Lorne & Laird Bilinski 1,980

Kyle Grenier & Ryan Lythgoe 1,347

Pat & Alex Elischer 840

Rob & Tony Hajdu 832

Joe & Phil Chwachka 346

Andrew & Stewart Watson 144

Dustin & Brandon Blair 114

Darrel & Dominik Voser 113

Jared & Kyle Currie 99

Dustin & Logan Marchischuk 99

Colby & Dane Olsen 79

Mitch Peterson & Ebony Rutko 66

Jared & Ryan MacDonald 49

Ryan & Shawn Struck 47

Monika & Sabrina Nymeyer 6

Until the middle of last season or so, the Koth-Kappus brothers had dominated this classification; they have led since the founding of Burton Hockey. The rise of Lee Orr to the top of the all-time scoring charts, combined with the ever-improving play of brother Graeme, however, has put them in a position to finally topple the Koth-Kappi from the charts. The O'Connors are also slowly entering the competition, although this depends upon K.J. continuing to play regularly. Former contenders Lorne and Laird Bilinski have greatly decreased their playing time in the past few seasons and have fallen away.

The Orrs do lead BUSH, followed by the O'Connors who are still keeping pace. Despite three and five seasons away from BUSH, respectively, the Koth-Kappi still rank third in the eastern circuit. They dominate the charts in VRH, well ahead of second place which is a closely-contested battle between the Elischers and Hajdus. The most lopsided stat comes from interleague play, where Lee and Graeme are the only players to have played in 33 games, and consequently rank one-two, well ahead of the O'Connors, Koth-Kappi, Hajdus and Elischers.

C. Olsen wrote on November 11, 2010 @ 14:09:33 PST
I think we got a shot at overtaking the Marchischuks.

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