Classic Images Uploaded!

We've switched over about 220 photos to our main storage site for you to browse, including two new sets previous unseen to viewers of!

Listed below are the sessions now available:

The first and third-ever sessions of Burton Hockey from 27 April and 2 May 2000. Grainy but very valuable mementos of when it all began. Includes the only photos of an extremely young Mitch Peterson. (One day we'll have to re-scan these!) (22 total)

18 August 2001: Featuring the debut of Steve Weatherhead in the classic Fogduckers jersey and an extremely young-looking Lee Orr. (24 total)

12 June 2003: An amazing collection of shots from Simon Hilton. Many notable things to look for here, including the final appearance (and only documented photos) of Pat Strachan in net (inclsuding some great glove saves), a bald Seamus O'Connor, Karl Detta in full effect, and the infamous Bilinski-Chwachka confrontation. (86 total)

The first-ever SuperSession, in Fauquier (19 August 2003): BUSH's Fauquier debut and the first-ever SuperSession, featuring the infamous Paul Irrelevante, pre-game barbecue shots from the Klopp house, and epic Lee Orr sideburns. Stefan Klopp looks amzingly young here. (35 total)

22 May 2004: Some cleanup before the next Fauquier SuperSession. Somewhat notable for being the only pics of Forrest Harding and Randy Zarr, Jr. (4 total)

NEW! This fantastic group photo from the first session of 2005.

NEW! 21 May 2005: From Lee Orr, these great shots of the last Fauquier session to date, including the photo that graces the front page of this very site. The last pic in the set really shows off the beautiful mountain landscape we get to play in. Pretty much the classic Burton Hockey lineup here, including rare shots of Oliver Koth-Kappus in an Canucks Orca sweater. (12 total)

27 August 2005 in Burnaby: Rare shots of the nascent VRH league at Confederation Park. Very scenic pics from Stefan Klopp. (7 total)

A handful of dressing shots from 6 April 2007 plus a couple of action shots from 8 April 2007. (6 total)

NEW! 21 May 2007: The first ever session at Queen Elizabeth Park, featuring a group shot with Pedro Santos. (5 total)

1 July 2007: Great action shots from a Canada Day session in Burton featuring some returning VRH stars. K.J. O'Connor had 73 saves just in this game! (16 total)

Browse through them and enjoy the history behind these valuable pictures.

Lee wrote on January 24, 2010 @ 00:19:51 PST
hilarious and awesome. especially the early stuff. Forgot how skinny I was and totally forgot about the old Koth-Kappus mobile.

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