Oh, Ricky, You're So Fine

Pat Elischer set a new standard in one-day scoring for Burton Hockey Saturday with 56 points in 13 games, including an astounding 46 goals, showing once again why he is the top skater in Burton Hockey today. These feats smash his previous totals of 54 and 38 set back on 20 February 2010 in a 14-game session. Elischer took advantage of the rare 2-on-2 conditions at Ambleside to obliterate the scoring totals of the other players. He is the only player in history with three 40-point sessions or two 30-goal sessions. Congratulations to the pride of Lions Bay for this acheivement, which will assuredly take a long time to match (if ever).

KK wrote on July 26, 2010 @ 14:56:37 PST
Why can't you ever save these session for when I'm actually in town? ;) Congrats, dude; it's a entirely different level, really.

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