2013 Burton Hockey Hall of Fame Class Announced

While inductees for the Burton Hockey Hall of Fame are intended to be announced with the year-end awards after each season, 2013 presented an interesting situation because of the huge backlog of worthy inductees in this, the first full year of the hall. There were nine automatic inductees who kicked off the Hall at the end of the 2012 season. As the founders of Burton Hockey, it was decided to reserve the first cohort for them exclusively.

The announcement of the second class was staggered to coincide with the halfway point of the year in order to give the members of the Hall the opportunity to vote on the 2013 cohort. This morning, the final ballot came in, and it is now our honour to announce the 2013 inductees into the Burton Hockey Hall of Fame. The players they have chosen are extremely worthy of the honour.

Chris Jackins (2000, 2003-2008, 2010-2011)
-BUSH original
-Backbone of Burton Hockey goaltending between 2003 and 2008
-All-time leader in BUSH games goaltended
-2nd in all-time BUSH saves
-Left for Australia in 2008 1st in all-time saves and games goaltended
-16 consecutive 80-save sessions in 2003-2004 (2nd all-time)
-2007 Most Dedicated Team
-2X All-Star

K.J. O'Connor (2003-2007, 2009-2013)
-8th in all-time scoring
-7th in all-time goals
-11th in all-time assists
-All-time Arena League leader in goals, assists, and points
-5th in all-time BUSH scoring
-4th in all-time BUSH goals
-2x goaltending champion
-2007 Most Valuable Player
-2x Most Outstanding Player
-2x Dual Threat of the Year
-2007 Most Improved Player
-2010 Comeback Player of the Year
-2007 Ironman of the Year
-3x Most Dedicated Team
-8x All-Star

Graeme Orr (2002-2007, 2009-2011, 2013)
-Widely considered the most improved player over the course of his career in Burton Hockey history
-12th in all-time scoring
-11th in all-time goals
-7th in all-time BUSH scoring
-7th all-time in games skated
-8th in all-time BUSH games played
-5th all-time in interleague scoring
-2010 Most Outstanding Defenceman
-2006 Most Improved Player
-2006 Comeback Player of the Year
-2006 Most Dedicated Team
-2x All-Star

Nathan Robson (2003-2007, 2009-2011)
-All-time leader in BUSH saves
-2nd in all-time BUSH games goaltended
-All-time leader in BUSH shutouts
-3rd all-time in .800 sessions
-9th in all-time save percentage (4th among those with more than 100 games goaltended)
-Only goaltender with three .900 sessions
-1st goaltender to post a 200-save session
-2nd all-time in session PPS
-Successfully converted from goaltender to defenceman seven seasons into his career and registered 4 consecutive 25-point sessions in his final season
-2003 goaltending champion
-3x Most Outstanding Goaltender
-2003 Rookie of the Year
-2010 Most Improved Player
-2003 Most Sportsmanlike Player
-2x Most Dedicated Team
-4x All-Star

HALL OF FAME MEMBERS (year inducted in parentheses):
Laird Bilinski (2012)
Lorne Bilinski (2012)
Justin Gordon (2012)
Joern Hornhardt (2012)
Chris Jackins(2013
Stefan Klopp (2012)
Bernie Koth-Kappus (2012)
Oliver Koth-Kappus (2012)
K.J. O'Connor (2013)
Seamus O'Connor (2012)
Graeme Orr (2013)
Lee Orr (2012)
Nathan Robson (2013)

-Candidates can be inducted into the Hall no earlier than the tenth season following their debut in Burton Hockey. For this year’s ballot, that means players who debuted in or previous to 2003 are eligible.
-Any player who participates in ten separate seasons of Burton Hockey is automatically inducted to the Hall regardless of voting and can only be removed by a majority vote of Hall members with legitimate reason.
-Any non-automatic inductee receiving votes from 50% or more of voters will be inducted into the Hall.
-Non-playing nominees (‘Builders’) can be voted for in the write-in ballot.
-To vote for a player, write ‘YES’ in the box beside the player’s name and date.
-Players who do not get inducted but receive at least one vote will remain on next year’s ballot.
-Players receiving no votes will be dropped from next year’s ballot and will not reappear unless they are written in or they resume their Burton Hockey career.

OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES FOR THE 2013 BALLOT (these players will remain on the ballot for 2014):
Joe Chwachka
Karl Detta
Lyle Detta
Simon Hilton
Kyle Kusch (non-player)
Dustin Marchischuk
Robert Rogers

NOT RECEIVING VOTES FOR THE 2013 BALLOT (these players will be dropped from the ballot for 2014):
Ryan Adshead
Aaron Anderson
Noel Ballard
Jared Currie
Forrest Harding
Jackson Hewer
Colby Olsen
Mitch Peterson
Tony Sivilay
Dylan Stevens
Patrick Strachan
Shawn Struck
Dorian Turner
Jerod Warren
Steve Weatherhead

NEW PLAYERS TO BE ADDED FOR 2014 BALLOT (all eligible players having debuted with at least 30 games played, seasons played in parentheses):
Kyle Grenier (2004-2007, 2009-2013)
Dallas Sinclair (2004-2006, 2012)
Brodie Yano (2004-2007, 2012)

Bk wrote on July 11, 2013 @ 12:01:18 PST
How could Kyle Kusch not get in, in the non-player category! Travesty! Come on people get your shit together!
js wrote on July 10, 2013 @ 22:23:29 PST
Congrats to all 4 of you!

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