Burton Hockey Introduces New Award

Burton Hockey announced yesterday the creation of a Most Improved Player to be given at season's end to the player judged to have made the most improvement in his or her game during the previous year. In addition, a Glasnost panel retroactively honoured players with the award for thr previous eight seasons as follows:

2001 - Ryan Adshead, Burton

2002 - Ryan Adshead, Burton

2003 - Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse

2004 - Patrick Strachan, Nakusp

2005 - Jerod Warren, Burnaby (VRH)

2006 - Graeme Orr, Glenbank (BUSH)

2007 - K.J. O'Connor, Nakusp (BUSH)

2008 - Stefan Klopp, Vancouver (VRH)

Concordant with the retroactive awarding of Most Improved Player awards, honours for the Dual Threat of the Year for seasons prior to the award's creation in 2006 were given out:

2000 - (tie) Seamus O'Connor, Nakusp; Lorne Bilinski, Burton

2001 - Joern Hornhardt, Burton

2002 - Laird Bilinski, Burton

2003 - Justin Gordon, Nakusp

2004 - K.J. O'Connor, Nakusp

2005 - Justin Gordon, Nakusp (BUSH)


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