Top Scorer Orr Sidelined 4-6 Weeks With Rib Injury

A dream start to the season for the returned Lee Orr abruptly ended this morning as the three-time MVP and scoring champion of Burton Hockey announced that he has been diagnosed with a separated rib and will be out for at least one month.

This is the latest injury in a brilliant, yet plagued, career for the Glenbank, BC native. Orr missed nearly the entire 2004 and 2007 seasons with torn knee ligaments, and had suffered through numerous other ailments prior to his Burton career.

'Sometimes I just feel like a bad joke,' Orr lamented in a post on Glasnost in regards to his health issues. The injury occured during Game 1 of Tuesday's BUSH session, when Orr blocked a shot near the underside of his ribs and felt a 'crunching sound'. He was able to play with no ill effect through the rest of the session, even after a vicious accidental butt-end to the midsection in Game 7, but woke up Wednesday in pain. 'It didn't bother me that much at the time but I haven't been able to sit up or roll over on it since,' said Orr.

Regardless, in true Lee Orr style, he still intends to keep organising BUSH sessions over the next four weeks. As well, he intends to apply his day job to Burton. 'I need to bring my photography skills to bear on Burton Hockey. There is no reason we shouldn't have kickass professional profile shots and action photos.'


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