Burton 40: Tony Sivilay

It may be hard to believe, but Tony Sivilay was a Burton Hockey original, playing a session in the first BUSH season of 2000. BUSH, of course, is not where his legacy lies. He was the first of the Arrow Lakers of his generation to relocate to the Lower Mainland, which left him in hockey purgatory for a few years. It only made sense than when enough Burton vets had relocated to the Vancouver area to make a second Burton league viable, Tony would be involved right from the get-go.

In VRH, Tony (a defenceman by trade from his organised hockey days) was finally able to get into Burton Hockey full-time. One of the co-founders of the league and thus present from the very first session, Tony helped keep the infant league afloat by inviting a number of one-off players to fill gaps in the lineups, most notably veteran BCHL defenceman Carter Barron and 27-point rookie Duncan Mathieson. Most importantly. it was Tony who brought BUSH veteran Dorian Turner back into Burton Hockey and rejuvenated his career.

Tony has a ton of skill-when he wants to use it. A shy guy by nature, sometimes it takes him a while to develop the confidence to go full out every time. When he does, he's super fast with great passing ability from all his years of playing defence. Unfortunately, after a couple of years of being one of the stalwarts of VRH, he began to lose interest in playing hockey and dropped out in 2007. It's rather unfortunate; he's such an entertaining guy to be around on a personal level and often broke out for sporadic offensive streaks on the rink that were fun to watch. A solid two-way player and a huge factor in getting VRH off the ground and running, Tony Sivilay has influenced the Vancouver game far more than his stats would indicate. As such, he is one of the Burton 40.

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