Burton 40 Honourable Mentions

We hope you've enjoyed BurtonHockey.com's look at the 40 players who have shaped Burton Hockey the most over its first decade. Of course, as with any ballot, there are some players who received a fair number of votes but just narrowly missed the cut. In this case, five players appeared on a large number of ballots but just missed the top 40. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Ryan Adshead: Ryan was a mainstay of the first three years of Burton roller hockey and quite underrated. His passing skills were quite good. He was also very happy to go in net at anytime when needed; he wasn't the best goalie in the beginning but showed some real progress in his second and third years and was actually rated an .839 his third year, making him the third-best goalie that year (2002), in addition to his goaltending title in 2001. Awards: Goaltending Champion - 2001; Most Improved Player - 2001, 2001; 2nd All-Star - 2002g.

Jordan Barlow: A Castlegarite with ties to Nakusp, Barlow was recommended to VRH by Lee Orr and debuted in the second half of 2009. The man with the longest reach in the game took Ambleside by storm with his amazing defensive prowess and patience. He's also the most accurate shooter in history. He's made a huge impact in a short amount of time and looks to be a mainstay for years in the western league.

Paul Irrelevante: Famous for being the most inconsequential player ever and the greatest urban legend in Burton Hockey; a poster boy for all of the one-offs that have graced our presence. Our favourite running joke and a code word synonymous with 'd-bag'. And, yes, he is real.

Mitch Peterson: A friendly, undersized presence in the McCormack nets, Mitch was a mainstay of the first season with 100 career games played. he left soon after for New Denver, even today, his enthusiasm and unique presence are remembered.

Brodie Yano: A dominant goaltending presence whose appearances are sporadic but always brilliant. Were he to play regularly, he'd be talked about as one of the best ever.

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