Goalies Now Awarded Stars Thanks To New Metric

Effective with the next session (and retroactive to all previous sessions), goaltenders in Burton Hockey will now be awarded star points thanks to the creation of a new statistic designed specifically for this purpose. This development had been long called for by goaltenders in the two leagues.

The new metric, called Percentage Plus Saves (PPS), is a Burton-only statistic which combines the save percentage of a goaltender in a session and combines it with the amount of saves a goaltender makes in a session to produce a number. For example, Bron Mach's session on 27 June, in which he recorded a save percentage of .859 and made 152 saves, would produce a PPS of 1011 (859 + 152). The .859, of course, is multiplied by 1000 in order to convert it to a three-digit number.

Based upon PPS, star points will be awarded as follows:

+925 = 15 points

+900 = 10 points

+850 = 5 points

PPS is not intended to supersede save percentage or saves as a measurement of the quality of a session, but does help to show the amount of influence a goaltender's performance has in a session for the purposes of awarding star points on a 15-10-5 scale, such as skaters are awarded at present.

Based upon the new method, the 2009 goalie star point standings look like this:

Bron Mach 100

Shem Hanna 85

Lorne Bilinski 55

Lyle Detta 50

Joern Hornhardt 45

Nathan Robson 45

Justin Gordon 45

Terryn Stenseth 30

Troy Waldron 25

Laird Bilinski 20

Joe Leonard 15

Kyle Grenier 15

Dominik Voser 15

K.J. O'Connor 15

Scott Edison 5

The all-time leader in goalie star points over the ten seasons of Burton Hockey is Nathan Robson at 310, followed by Laird Bilinski (270), Bron Mach (235), Joern Hornhardt (205) and Chris Jackins (190).

With the long awaited advent of star points for goaltenders, star points can now be compared between goaltenders, skaters, and those who play both positions (for example, total star points in 2009 still have Lee on top at 175, but Kyle Grenier now ranks second at 115, and Bron Mach ranks fifth at 100). The all-time leader in total star points is now Lorne Bilinski at 770 followed by Lee Orr (755), Seamus O'Connor (590), Justin Gordon (575) and Stefan Klopp (520). For those of you wondering, the highest PPS recorded in a session is 1086 by Nathan Robson on 24 June 2006 (.880 SPCT, 206 saves).

Unfortunately for now, it will take sometime to redevelop the BurtonHockey.com website to accommodate these new statistics. As a result, the new statistics will not appear directly on boxscore or statistical pages for some time. However, all of these new statistics ARE available on the Records and Honours page located at http://www.hinterland.741.com/z3.html. Just search for the star points and percentage plus saves sections under each season and under the all-time leaderboard.

Lee wrote on July 19, 2009 @ 23:40:47 PST
great job Kyle. An ancient problem finally solved like so many other irritants this year. I guess the last thing left on the list for this year is BH v 3.0? and the BUSH league super ultimate session. Sounds like the deca-session is next years potatoes. Just have to make sure we get all those other little things included in 3.0. Goalie APG, maybe awards and honors included as more than a clip-on to the bio, player comparison. I'd love to see player statistical history charts and graphs. That would be fucking cool. Think how awesome the bios would be then.

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