Martin Sets Goalie Records in Outstanding Session

Jesse Martin made Burton Hockey history by posting a save percentage of .923, smashing the longstanding rookie record previously held by Robert Rogers since 2002 of .917. The session ranks as the top goaltending performance of 2009 (besting Nathan Robson's .918 back in May) and only Robson's .930 in June of 2006 ranks higher in Burton history. In addition to the milestones reached above, Martin's session produced a percentage-plus-saves of 983, also a rookie record, usurping the seven-week-old record of 978 set by VRH's Dominik Voser. What makes Martin's session even more amazing is the fact that the last half was played in near-total darkness. As well, Martin only came in halfway through the session as a relief goaltender.

After the session, Martin had these words to say: 'I'd like to thank my defence, Brad and Ben, plus the rest of the team who worked their butts off to beat Team O'Connor. I'd also like to say that I couldn't have faced all those shots without my Cooper athletic supporter. Like the great Whalers goalie Frank Pietrangelo said, "When I have to face some shots I put a Cooper on my crotch." Massive props also to Kyle for counting all those shots in the dark. Viva la Burton Hockey!'


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