Burton 40: Andrew George

Coming into the second season of Vancouver Roller Hockey, Bron Mach had been added as a regular goaltender, but the gang was still searching for skaters to pad the at-the-time scant skating numbers that still consisted entirely of BUSH ex-pats. That first session of 2006 was the first progress made, with two new skaters who would play a large role that second season. While Jason Leung only managed a few dozen games in his career, Andrew George stuck with Burton Hockey and became the most reliable non-Arrow Laker for most of the next three seasons.

Andrew brings a confident, in-your-face attitude to the rink. He revolutionised trash-talk, interstitial chatter and motormouthing in VRH. Coming from a lacrosse background, he isn't necessarily the best skater (ankles problems from all those years of lacrosse often see him having to leave a session early in pain), but his intense playing style makes up for it in spades. He does have a quick release and a pretty decent sniper's wrist when he gets it going. Best of all, he's very excited about being involved in the play, whether he's scoring or setting up a teammate with a pass.

Although injuries have left his appearances in recent seasons sporadic, Andrew remains involved to a degree; when Jason Leung put together a hilariously awesome VRH highlight package on YouTube in 2009, Andrew's smooth received baritone was solicited for narrating the video. Always a jovial presence anytime he plays, Andrew's intensity, enthusiasm and humour are infectious. No matter how much he plays from here on in, his legacy as one of VRH's crucial early non-BUSH recruits and first Lower Mainland-bred skating regular solidifies his place in history, and that's why Andrew George is in the Burton 40.

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