Burton 40: Terryn Stenseth

Ah, the impetuousness of youth. Many - well, most - of the younger players who enter Burton Hockey are often intimidated because they don't know anyone, are off-put by the speed and size of their opponents, fail when they overestimate their abilities against experienced competition, or are lackadaiscal because they haven't yet immersed themselves in the culture of the game and developed any feeling one way or the other toward it. Not Terryn Stenseth. Not remotely. Despite only being 15 years old at his debut, he was already an accomplished athlete with competitive fire and threw himself fully into the endeavour, becoming an integral member of BUSH's record 2009 season.

Decked in Corona shirts and eager to show that he was just as talented as anyone we had, Terryn threw down an .837 in his debut session, and would go on to best that mark numerous times over the course of the summer. Stocky, techically sound, and feisty (his friendly jawing matches with Shem Hanna are classics), Terryn never lets up in goal and has no problem in carrying a team on his back. Perhaps that's why he switched to skating halfway through the season; there's just not enough challenge in net for the young star! It only took a couple of sessions for Terryn to get his feet under him, and he quickly morphed into a true dual threat, even putting up a 30-point session in August 2009. Combine that with his help in bringing other great talents like Brad Gibson, and Terryn's already proven himself more than worthy of being a BUSH regular. He's brash, he's feisty, and, best of all, talented and likeable. Forget star of the future, Terryn's a star now. With the potential to dominate for years, and already with a stellar track record in an excellent rookie campaign in which he established himself as one of the best goalies ever in Burton, it's no wonder Terryn Stenseth is one of the Burton 40.

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