Orr Slams VRH, O'Connor in Controversial Interview

With the 2009 scoring title all but wrapped up, evidently Lee Orr is trying to find a new angle to get his opponents riled up.

Despite the hype surrounding Orr's return to VRH after four years away, some of the biggest VRH names are staying away from his Thanksgiving session. In a press release interview, Orr called the 'Senseless Seven' out. It should be noted, however, that plenty of VRH stars are indeed lined up to play Saturday and will be looking for vengeance for their VRH brethren after Orr's baiting comments, which implied that certain players are skipping the session to protect their pride.

The following is the full interview transcript released by Orr lat Thursday evening, including an extra swipe at longtime rival Seamus O'Connor:

Q:Lee, you're facing VRH on their home turf for the first time since 2005. Much of the VRH league is mysteriously bowing out of this weekend's game. A lot of experts are speculating they're scared to face you. What are your thoughts?

LO:You know, I know these guys, they're great guys.

Q:But you can't deny the timing of these events. The recent turtleling of so many VRHers in your debut? Do you think this is linked with your bonecrushing hit on Seamus O'Connor earlier in the year? The media have called Seamus craven for not returning to the rink, although he claims alternate reasons. Could this fear epidemic be spreading?

LO:I don't think they're cowards, Suzy. These are semi-professional athletes. They have their pride.

Q:With so many going into a contract year, I have to ask if you think they're trying to protect their averages. Certainly facing a juggernaut like yourself could wound, or even cripple, their PPG for the entire year.

LO:Its like Kenny Rogers said, Suzy, 'Know when to walk away, know when to run.' Sometimes guys just fold like a house of cards before even seeing the flop.

BK wrote on October 08, 2009 @ 10:55:46 PST
If Pat makes it out on 17th we'll do you a favor Lee and put you up against him all session to allow you to try to prove your dominance. It'll be like playing against a stacked deck, you can try all you like but you'll never win.

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