Burton 40: Rob Hajdu

Everything about Rob Hajd├╣ is exuberant. His passionate political opinions and blogging (thinkingprole.blogspot.com). His weight-training and penchant for skin-tight clothing that often gets discarded rather quickly during the course of a session. But, most of all, the happy-go-lucky attitude he brings to the rink session in, session out. Rob is definitely one of the more animated, uninhibited, and joyously unrestrained players in Burton Hockey.

Along with Jordan Downey (who recrutied him) and Pat Elischer, he forms a trio of longtime friends from West Vancouver who came to VRH through the VIHL (in Rob's case, the Jagrbombs and Boozehounds). Incredibly intense on the rink and always in peak physical condition, Rob is always going full-out and is very aggressive on the ball. Often, he's so aggressive he'll accidentally stick someone or bowl them over completely! Sometimes it costs him (his excellent forechecking usually pays off but also leads to some turnovers in the process), but it's vested in a desire to win and help his team. He's one of the highest-volume shooters in VRH.

In a very short amount of time, he's become a VRH mainstay. Once Rob got into VRH, he immediately brought in younger brother Tony to form a very effective brother tandem. Rob's one of the few rookies that can claim a 138-point season. He has a large presence on the court, and his passion, desire to win and jovial attitude are always welcome at any rink. That's why he's already one of the Burton 40.

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