Burton 40: Seamus O'Connor

Seamus O'Connor lives for Burton Hockey. Even though his work often taken him away for months at a time, he is always formulating plans to organise a session the day he gets back. After Lee Orr, he is the most omnipresent player in BUSH. He may also be the most dangerous player in BUSH; the Irishman may be Burton Hockey's biggest dual threat (he's been named dual threat of the year twice and looks to claim a third in 2009). Whether he is skating or whether he is goaltending, it is accomplished at the highest level of the game. This combination of dedication and skill has resulted in a massive amount of awards over the years, including two MVPs, a scoring title and a goaltending title. No other player can claim that. Seamus is the only player with five 80-goal seasons. Or four .820 seasons. And the scary fact of the matter is that he still hasn't peaked; his statistics have improved with every season. His epic Year One battles with Lorne, Lyle and Justin (Seamus vs. Justin is the eternal Burton rivalry). His superlative ability to grind. His solid fundamentals. His selfless play. His ability to organise on the spur of the moment (don't forget, he saved Burton Hockey in 2004 when Lee went down). And, perhaps most importantly, his ability to tan depite being a hairy Irishman. Attempting to balance work and fatherhood may serve to cut back on his Burton exploits for 2010, but don't be surprised if the Titman finds a way to juggle it all and stay on the rink. His loyalty to Burton Hockey is that high. Seamus O'Connor is a true Burton legend, and the Burton 40 is unimaginable without him.

Awards: Scoring Champion - 2005; Goaltending Champion - 2000; Most Valuable Player - 2004, 2005; Most Sportsmanlike Player - 2007; Dual Threat of the Year - 2000 (tie), 2006; Ironman of the Year - 2006 (tie), 2007 (tie), 1st All-Star - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007; 2nd All-Star - 2000, 2000g, 2006g; Most Dedicated Team - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

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