Klopp, Koth-Kappus Fire Back at Orr

VRH players who will not be attending the much-hyped Lee Orr reunion tour of VRH were quick to rebuke his claims that they were afraid of crippling their PPG.

'Lee set up his reunion tour and alerted us of the dates he would be showing up. We all planned accordingly', remarked VRH star Stefan Klopp, 'Then at the last minute, he changed up his plans, to come on a weekend when he knew a majority of the VRH top stars were missing. Now to me, it looks more like Lee is the one playing possum and trying to protect his PPG.'

With Barlow, Bilinski, Elischer, Hornhardt and Klopp all giving prior notification they would not be around Thanksgiving weekend, it does beg the question if this was Lee's plan from the beginning. To note that apart from the insanely high PPG average of Elischer, VRH players typically have a lower PPG than BUSH players, and this is usually most evident in larger sessions.

Bernie Koth-Kappus, one of the VRH members who will be attending the session responded on the BurtonHockey.com website: 'If Pat makes it out on [the] 17th we'll do you a favor Lee and put you up against him all session to allow you to try to prove your dominance. It'll be like playing against a stacked deck, you can try all you like but you'll never win.'

In a few weeks time all questions will be answered, but as it stands now, tension is at an all time high between both leagues and the top scorer.

Drew Rosenhaus wrote on October 08, 2009 @ 17:07:20 PST
While Orr could not be immediately reached for comment, his agent Drew Rosenhaus spoke to reporters shortly after the VRH press release.

“These blasphemous and incendiary remarks only serve to tarnish the game. I would even go as far as calling these unfounded allegations racist, but I'm not going to do that. My client is an upstanding citizen with an unprecedented track record of community service. To question his integrity is to question the integrity of the entire game, utterly unthinkable. My client will continue playing with the honor and class that has defined his career and not stoop to certain members of VRH's pre-emptive mud slinging and thuggery.”

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