Burton 40: Sam Lam

In order to remain vibrant, every great social movement needs an infusion of youth; fresh faces from a newer, younger generation that can take up the torch and bring a new sense of enthusiasm. Vancouver Roller Hockey was no different in 2008. BUSH had already had two or three youth movements by then. A chance session at William Griffin Park in North Vancouver was the catalyst for VRH when three young high school lads stepped up to the plate. At the forefront was the irrepressible Sam Lam.

All it took was two games, and Sam was hooked. From then on, Sam has been making the weekend trip west to Ambleside where he has become VRH's top prodigy. He often rides his Razor kick scooter all the way from North Van to Ambleside with full hockey equipment, a sure sight to see! Right from the beginning, Sam kept pace with VRH's finest. At only 17, he's still got years ahead of him, and the sky's the limit. Never without his trademark black helmet and full-face cage, Sam is a speedster with a shooting volume that matches almost anyone else in the league. He's not afriad to grind it out in the corner against guys with ten years and 100 pounds on him. Sam also brings an infectious attitude and enthusiasm for the game. He has his best battles against his friend and fellow 2008 rookie Griff Jones, in which they both take their workrate levels to new highs (as well, they get really chippy and physical with each other!). Full of energy, it's typical for Sam to play a 3-4 hour session, and then head straight to soccer and play a full 90 minutes there.

Sam's already left a big mark on VRH as the first regular skater developed in-house (i.e. not from BUSH or the VIHL); he already resides eleventh in all-time VRH scoring, and is one of VRH's most dedicated players. Sometimes it's the smallest meteor that makes the biggest impact. Sam Lam has done just that at Ambleside, and that's why he's one of the Burton 40.

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Andrew Lee wrote on December 16, 2009 @ 09:33:37 PST
Sam Lam has the sickest dangles around.
Kyle wrote on December 14, 2009 @ 23:36:51 PST
Best name in Burton Hockey (outside of Paul Irrelevante, of course).

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