Burton 40: Troy Waldron

The tattoo adorning the right ribcage of Troy Waldron is a reflection of his outlook on life. When Troy does something, it's because he wants to give himself to it fully. If he doesn't want to do something, he won't. If he does, he's going to give you everything he can possibly give until the job is done, even if he has to kill himself to do it. Such is the way Troy has emerged in Burton Hockey. A goaltender by trade, Troy has almost exclusively been a skater in BUSH. Introduced by the great Dallas Sinclair, his first two sojourns in 2005-06 showed flashes of skill, but he seemed lost in the crowd of often unfamiliar faces. His true Burton Hockey career began in 2009 when Kyle Grenier unleashed him on an unsuspecting Burton populace for a career reinvention. Together, Troy and Kyle rewrote the book on workrate and hustle. It was this season that Troy exploded and established himself not just as skilled with potential, but a first-class Burton superstar.

Troy may be the fastest player in either league of Burton Hockey. He is compact and lean with limitless stamina. He is extremely elusive, constantly merging from a crowd of players to end up alone on a breakaway. He is one of the true warriors of the game, ready to play in any condition with any line-up. He's both a master marksman and defensively responsible. He battles for every puck; fights for every possession; throws all of his energy, heart and soul into every play. It's not uncommon for him to finish a session with a healthy amount of blood and dirt covering his body as a result of his constant diving, lunging and battling. He's one of the few player in Burton Hockey history who consistently garners 3.00 points per game, and few players can claim a 263-point season in their first full year. His occasional stints in his ancestral goaltending role are also brilliant; he's never been lower than .813 in a session. His impact on BUSH and his ability to excel at every facet of the game make it hard to believe he's really only been a regular for one year. The future only seems to indicate even greater success for a man who, at just 22, is already one of the Burton 40.

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