Burton 40: Ryan Disterheft

If Jordan Downey is the funniest player in Burton Hockey, and Oliver Koth-Kappus or Ben de Wit the quietest, then surely Ryan Disterheft is just plain the nicest guy in Burton Hockey. Ryno is always wearing a smile and ready to go. Of the all of the skaters introduced to Burton via VRH, Ryan is by far the most consistent and dedicated regular; in fact, no other VRH-exclusive skaters come close. Only Bron Mach in goal has played more, and he has the benefit of three extra seasons. The 2008 rookie of the year, Ryno bring smooth skating style, great passing, and a defensively-responsible game. One of the many VIHL veterans introduced to VRH via the VIHL Masterbladers squad, he is one of the more valued teammates in VRH. And don't let that PPG fool you; Ryno has been known to put some big numbers up on the board and the only reason his total is that low is because it's players like him that have turned VRH into a defense-first league. While 2009 may have been the year that VRH exploded, it was really Ryan's arrival in 2008 that set it off and began the wave of talented newcomers into the league. As the man who helped usher in the 2009 boom for VRH, and the man who everyone in VRH enjoys playing with, Ryan 'Ryno' Disterheft is one of the Burton 40.

Awards: Rookie of the Year - 2008; Most Sportsmanlike Player - 2008; 1st All-Star - 2008.

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Stefan wrote on December 06, 2009 @ 01:45:17 PST
Not only has, but helped invent the liquid form of the M-1000!
BK wrote on December 06, 2009 @ 01:38:38 PST
And he has M-1000's!
Kyle wrote on December 06, 2009 @ 01:00:28 PST
Perhaps the greatest chef-slash-DJ since Beck in that Blues Explosion video for 'Flavor'.
Bones wrote on December 06, 2009 @ 00:53:16 PST
Allow me to take the time to also mention that if you ever want to get into Brandy's for free, Ryno is the man. And he makes a mean eggs benedict.

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