Burton 40 Begins Tuesday

Join us here tomorrow on BurtonHockey.com as we begin our countdown of the 40 biggest names in Burton Hockey history.

A panel of Burton's most famous names has come together and voted by secret ballot on the 40 people they feel have had the biggest impact on Burton Hockey in its inaugural decade. Starting Tuesday 1 December 2009, the list will be revealed in random order one at a time each day (twice a day on weekends) until New Year's Day. Each person will have a new bio and write-up attached explaining just what it is that made them such a large part of Burton history.

The panel themselves do not know the actual results. All of the ballots have been locked away and only your humble statistician knows the final results. It's own our version of an Advent calendar; a new surprise each day. Thus, you are obligated: bookmark BurtonHockey.com and check each day of December for a new name and biography as we count down the Burton 40!


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