SDF, GDF Now Posted In Records And Honours Section

Today marks the introduction of two brand new statistical categories to Burton hockey, the Scoring Dominance Factor (SDF) and Goaltending Dominance Factor (GDF). These categories measure who is the most dominant player in each category over the last ten session based upon a minimum of thirteen games played. For the SDF, points scored while goaltending are NOT counted. Essentially, it is a measure of points per game during the past ten sessions within the past calendar year. The GDF is a measure of save percentage during the same time. By going right now to the All-Time section Records and Honours page linked on the top corner of the home page of this site you can view the complete SDF and GDF archive for every session as well as the records to go along with them. I hope you find that these stats give you a good impression of who the dominant players of each era were and are.


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