2014 Burton Hockey Hall of Fame Class Announced

It is our honour to announce the third class of Burton Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. A panel of seven Hall of Famers comprised this year's voters and selected two inductees. This marks the first year that the Hall of Fame inductions are conducted in concert with the year-end awards as intended. This will be standard operating procedure from now on.

Congratulations to our two newest inductees, both of whom were inducted on the first ballot!

Kyle Grenier (2004-2007, 2009-2013)
-6th in all-time scoring
-4th in all-time goals
-6th in all-time assists
-4th in all-time points-per-game
-3rd in all-time BUSH scoring
-2nd in all-time BUSH goals
-6th in all-time BUSH goaltending
-3rd in all-time Arena League scoring
-2nd in all-time Interleague scoring
-All-time leader in points-per-game from goal
-Only one of two players in history with a 700-point season
-Only one of two players in history with back-to-back 450-point seasons
-2010 Most Valuable Player
-2x Most Outstanding Player
-2010 Organiser of the Year
-2007 Comeback Player of the Year
-3x Most Dedicated Team
-6x All-Star

Kyle Kusch (non-player)
-Burton Original
-Statistician/adjudicator for Burton Hockey since its inception
-Introduced the concept of 'sessions' instead of individual games
-Created original Burton Hockey website immediately following the first session and has entered every single statistic recorded on the website ever since
-Conceived the 'Burton Hockey' name and 'BUSH' acronym
-Invented the SDF, GDF, and Burton Elo player metrics
-Once attended 74 consecutive sessions
-Created year-end awards and Hall of Fame

HALL OF FAME MEMBERS (year inducted in parentheses):
Laird Bilinski (2012)
Lorne Bilinski (2012)
Justin Gordon (2012)
Kyle Grenier (2014)
Joern Hornhardt (2012)
Chris Jackins(2013)
Stefan Klopp (2012)
Bernie Koth-Kappus (2012)
Oliver Koth-Kappus (2012)
Kyle Kusch (2014, Builder)
K.J. O'Connor (2013)
Seamus O'Connor (2012)
Graeme Orr (2013)
Lee Orr (2012)
Nathan Robson (2013)

-Candidates can be inducted into the Hall no earlier than the tenth season following their debut in Burton Hockey. For this year’s ballot, that means players who debuted in or previous to 2004 are eligible.
-Any player who participates in ten separate seasons of Burton Hockey is automatically inducted to the Hall regardless of voting and can only be removed by a majority vote of Hall members with legitimate reason.
-Any non-automatic inductee receiving votes from more than 50% of voters will be inducted into the Hall.
-Non-playing nominees (‘Builders’) can be voted for in the write-in ballot.
-To vote for a player, write ‘YES’ in the box beside the player’s name and date.
-Players who do not get inducted but receive at least one vote will remain on next year’s ballot.
-Players receiving no votes will be dropped from next year’s ballot and will not reappear unless they are written in or they resume their Burton Hockey career.

OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES FOR THE 2014 BALLOT (these players will remain on the ballot for 2015):
Dustin Blair
Joe Chwachka
Lyle Detta
Simon Hilton

NOT RECEIVING VOTES FOR THE 2014 BALLOT (these players will be dropped from the ballot for 2015):
Karl Detta
Dustin Marchischuk
Colby Olsen
Robert Rogers
Dallas Sinclair
Brodie Yano

NEW PLAYERS TO BE ADDED FOR 2015 BALLOT (all eligible players having debuted with at least 30 games played, seasons played in parentheses):
Andrew Cruden (2005-2006)
Bron Mach (2005-2010, 2012-2013)
Troy Waldron (2005-06, 2009-2010)

js wrote on January 01, 2014 @ 15:28:06 PST
congrats both of you; well deserved

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