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We've been getting a lot of new visitors to the site, so we'd just like to take the time to welcome you to hockey.kloppmagic.ca, the online home of Burton Hockey, BUSH and VRH. Please look around and explore the site and its many features, including fully sortable stats, player profiles and the ability to compare player's stats against each other. This is just the beginning! We are currently red-designing the site and will have a brand-new look by the end of the season.

Burton Hockey started as a group of friends from Burton, Nakusp, Brouse, Glenbank and Fauquier looking to get together, play hockey and share some good times. Based out of John McCormack Memorial Park, we are now in our seventh season and are growing every year with over 85 players to date. We've even gotten so big we've exported Burton Hockey to other parts of the province. In 2004, Burton Hockey split into two leagues. Burton United Socialist Hockey (BUSH) plays out of McCormack Park, and Vancouver Roller Hockey (VRH) plays out of Ambleside Park, West Vancouver. Every spring, the two leagues do battle in the SuperSession under the lights at the Fauquier Arena.

We hope you'll come back and visit us frequently at hockey.kloppmagic.ca. And if you ever get the urge, there's always a spot on the bench for you down at the rink!

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