Stats Glitches For The Next Few Days

As the fearless Stefan Klopp prepares the forthcoming changes to the website, I have been updating the boxscores and session recaps accordingly to fit the new schematics of the site. Of course, the changes don't quite work with this older version of the site. So, for the next few days until the new site is launched, you'll notice a few little glitches, particularly when looking at the assist column (there are a few less assists for most people than there used to be). Don't worry, those assists haven't gone anywhere; you'll be able to see that in the points column. Those missing assists have simply been moved to a new goaltending points database you will see in the new site. This will help us calculate per-game stats more accurately in the future while still accounting for all of the points players have accumulated in net. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though- you will all love the new site, trust me! There's so much we've added- but you'll just have to wait for it; we're not going to tell you now!


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