2006 Burton Hockey Awards

Most Outstanding Player Lee Orr, Nakusp (BUSH): Will fewer one-off session players this season, Orr took this awards with his ruthless consistency through nine months of dominating nearly every session he played in. Honourable mention to Nathan Robson's sometimes inhuman goaltending efforts.

Most Outstanding Defenseman Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse (BUSH): At this point, we can just rename the award for him.

Most Outstanding Goaltender Nathan Robson, Nakusp (BUSH): The third award in four years for this goalie who remains consitently near the top of every goaltending category despite facing huge amounts of shots in the Burton net.

Rookie Of The Year Jason Leung, Vancouver (VRH): Along with Bron Mach, Leung was VRH's first breakout homegrown star this year, leading the league with 3.46 PPG.

Most Sportsmanlike Player Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse (BUSH)

Dual Threat Of The Year Seamus O'Connor, Glenbank (BUSH): A new awards designed to honour players who are excellent both on skates and in goal; a very useful skill in the chaotic world of Burton Hockey. O'Connor was an obvious choice this year, being named to the All-Star team at both position, a rare feat.

Ironman Of The Year (tie) Seamus O'Connor, Glenbank (BUSH); Lee Orr, Nakusp (BUSH): Orr played an entire full length BUSH season without missing a game; the first player ever to do so. Seamus almost did the same, but actually wound up playing more due to an appearance in VRH in August.

Comeback Player Of The Year Graeme Orr, Glenbank (BUSH): After breaking the 100-point mark for the first time in 2004, Orr fell all the way to 34 points in 2005. What came in 2006 was a revelation. Orr shocked everyone with his amazing defensive play and a 187-point campaign, nearly doubling his career PPG and becoming one of Burton's most valued teammates.

Most Valuable Player Lee Orr, Nakusp (BUSH): This was a three-way race all year, but Orr pulled away by laying down the greatest statistical season in history and keeping BUSH afloat through his organizational efforts. Honourable mentions to Stefan Klopp, who emerged this year as the elite player in VRH and elevated his game to another stratosphere, including the second-highest scoring session of all-time, and to the two-way excellence both in and out of goal of Seamus O'Connor.

1st All-Stars

Stefan Klopp, Vancouver (VRH)

Jason Leung, Vancouver (VRH)

Seamus O'Connor, Glenbank (BUSH)

Lee Orr, Nakusp (BUSH)

Nathan Robson (G), Nakusp (BUSH)

2nd All-Stars

Lorne Bilinski, West Vancouver (VRH)

Justin Gordon, Nakusp (BUSH)

Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse (BUSH)

Seamus O'Connor (G), Glenbank (BUSH)

Graeme Orr, Glenbank (BUSH)

Most Dedicated Team

Lorne Bilinski, West Vancouver (VRH)

Joern Hornhardt, West Vancouver (VRH)

Stefan Klopp, Vancouver (VRH)

Bernie Koth-Kappus, Vancouver (VRH)

Oliver Koth-Kappus, Brouse (BUSH)

Seamus O'Connor, Nakusp (BUSH)

Graeme Orr, Glenbank (BUSH)

Lee Orr, Glenbank (BUSH)

Nathan Robson, Nakusp (BUSH)


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