Lee Orr Announces His Departure From Burton

Citing his imminent return to university, three-time Burton scoring champion and 2006 MVP Lee Orr announced Tuesday night that he would no longer be taking part in Burton Hockey.

Burton's all-time single season scoring leader and third-highest scorer overall left this message on the Glasnost message board:

"I've been accepted to UVic. Haven't heard from UBC yet. Still undecided as to the location. It's going to depend on a few factors, such as housing and other situational things. UVic has the edge in that a degree in psyc is a BA of Science. I think UBC is of Arts."

"And, in all seriousness, I am officially retired from Burton roller hockey. Maybe at some point in the future I'll return, but at least for now, I'm done."

"I've been fighting some pretty serious injuries all winter. I really shouldn't have played yesterday, I basically had one working arm and couldn't shoot from outside 5 or 6 feet. K.J. had to bank pucks in off me. And then, naturally, being very frustrated with my level of play I started playing harder and immediately re-injured my arm and bitterly sat out the last couple games. Stupid. I'm just too competitive to play at half strength. I've got to quit until I can get this thing healed and strengthened, which will probably be a long time."

It is an open secret in the Burton Hockey community that the chance of Orr playing sessions in VRH is a strong possibility. VRH members are lobbying for Orr to attend UBC instead of UVic in order to be in the centre of VRH action. However, even attending UVic would still present the possibility of Orr playing in a few Vancouver sessions.

Orr's departure means that Seamus O'Connor takes over main organizational duties for BUSH. O'Connor also becomes the odds-on favourite to be the highest scoring player in BUSH. Orr's departure also means that VRH top scorers Stefan Klopp and Lorne Bilinski have an excellent shot at the scoring title this season.


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