New, Better Formula For Calculating The GDF

The formula for calculating the Goaltending Dominance Factor has been amended to better reflect actual goaltending performance. The original formula was based on save percentage over a number of games played (a minimum full-value mark of 13 games played over ten sessions), which has become an outdated concept in an age when some goalie are facing 60-plus shots in one game while others face 60 shots in an entire session. To make the formula more accurate, the minimum full value has been changed to save percentage with at least 100 shots faced over the last ten sessions. As all major goalie records are based on shots faced rather than games played, this change to the GDF brings it in-line with the way other goalie records are calculated. This also follows 2005's recalibration of the Scoring Dominance Factor (SDF) to reflect sessions played and quality of competition faced rather than purely points-per-game.

Why did I change it? Simply put, having a ranking where a mediocre goaltender who faces half the shots shots can be ranked ahead of the person having the greatest goaltending season ever is silly. Here's an example of the change; I think you'll agree that it's much better:

Old Formula (games played-saves-shots-rating)

Bron Mach 18-250-310 0.8065

Joern Hornhardt 13-196-251 0.7809

Chris Jackins 41-497-662 0.7508

Josh Wilson 16-116-175 0.6629

K.J. O'Connor 7-245-271 0.5704

Seamus O'Connor 9-117-142 0.4868

Carlos Ruzza 8-88-120 0.4513

Lorne Bilinski 7-128-156 0.4418

Laird Bilinski 7-75-96 0.4207

Brodie Yano 6-103-127 0.3743

Nathan Robson 6-52-66 0.3636

Justin Gordon 4-88-98 0.2763

New Formula (games played-saves-shots-rating)

K.J. O’Connor 7-245-271 .9041

Justin Gordon 4-88-98 .8800

Seamus O’Connor 9-117-142 .8239

Lorne Bilinski 7-128-156 .8205

Brodie Yano 6-103-127 .8110

Bron Mach 18-250-310 .8065

Joern Hornhardt 13-196-251 .7809

Chris Jackins 41-497-662 .7508

Laird Bilinski 7-75-96 .7500

Carlos Ruzza 8-88-120 .7333

Josh Wilson 16-116-175 .6629

Nathan Robson 6-52-66 .5200


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