Orr Prclaims 'Ultimate Burton Supremacy', Returns

After leading in scoring in his first VRH session in four years, Lee Orr returned to BUSH today with newfound confidence - and plenty of verbal arrows to sling.

'I have achieved something no one else has ever accomplished - ultimate Burton supremacy,' proclaimed an exuberant Orr to reporters to this morning. 'I went to VRH, faced the Elischers and Smarts and Bron Machs and Vosers and Koth-Kappii and Coutinhos, and smacked them back down to reality. I took it back for BUSH and fed them their lunches. Who the f*ck are they? I invented this s*it ten years ago. The originator, the innovator, the true 'Master Blader'. It always comes back to Leeroy. That's just how it is.'

When asked, however, about Kyle Grenier having beaten him in the last three BUSH sessions, Orr turned quite defensive. 'Kyle Grenier? Kyle Grenier? Listen, Kyle is my brother, he's my guy, he's awesome. 'Til death. But you're talking about three sessions. I've played 550 games and you're talking about three sessions? He's won what, ten sessions all-time? I've got thirty-five under my belt, man. Thirty-five! I've got longevity, man. You can't get rid of me. I'm the game, man. Sooner or later, it always comes back to me.'


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