Shootout at the Burton Hall

A Burton Hall tradition, the shootout brings an air of joviality at Christmas time. At the end of monday's sessions, things fired up with a series of shootouts.

First up was the Burton Hockey Survivor. Each player had four chances to score against Joern, our ace goalie. Bernie and Pat couldn't pass the test and were eliminated. Round two saw everyone get three shots, and everyone (Oliver, Robert, Stefan, Mitch, Chris) advanced. The next round was two shots, though, and only Chris could pass the test as he claimed the title of Burton Hockey Survivor 2003.

The best shootout of the night was the first team shootout, which took four extra rounds to decide the winner. Bernie, Chris and Lorne with Rob in net were up 3-2 as it came down to stefan, who fired it obver the net and lost it for his team. Revenge was sweet, though, as Stefan along with Joern, Pat and Lorne dominated the next shootout 4-2. Stefan redeemed himself by winning the next shoout in the thrid round with a goal for a 3-2 win for himself, Joern, Chris and Oliver. The original teams reunited in the next shootout and Pat, Ollie, Atefan and Joern cruised to a fourth round victory 6-4.


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